Can u tell me all of the human race? such as, dravida, mongolian, etc?

and please state where do they live, and how do they look like. I would like to know all of the human race.

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    I see that at least one racial-nonexistence proselytism spammer has disrupted your question. Such people are motivated by the crude blind seeping wrongful pleasure of disrupting the fundamental truth that all entities are separate and distinct. To learn more about rightful intent and wrongful intent, go to:

    Race is a large field of knowledge. It can not easily be summarized, but I will tell you what I can with the time that I have.

    Google the racial migration map of Spencer Wells' Y chromosome mutation study. It was published in the December 2004 issue of Discover magazine.

    There are several 'macroraces' that encompass all people. They include african (aka *******), south asian (aka australoid), north eurasian (aka europoid), middle eastern, and east asian (aka mongoloid).

    Each racial type is characterized by particular Y chromosome markers. A Y chromosome marker is denoted by a capital 'M' followed by a distinctive number. They are:

    african: non-M168

    south asian: M130

    north eurasian: M45

    east asian: M175

    middle eastern: M168, non-M130, non-M45, non-175

    The first racial branch to occur was between the africans and the non-africans. The second racial branch to occur was between the south asians and the non-south-asians. The non-south-asians began with the middle easterners, and the middle easterners spawned the east asian and north eurasian races. Thus, there are 3 main macroraces, one of which brakes down into 3 smaller races. The 3 macroraces are the africans, the south asians, and everyone else, who may simply be called 'the eurasians'.

    The native americans are a mixture between the south asian and north eurasian races. The reason that the mexican natives often look so different from the United States natives is because the former consists more of south asians, whereas the latter consists more of north eurasians.

    North eurasians consist of non-mediterranean europeans, some northeast asians, and some amerindians.

    Mediterranean europeans belong to the middle eastern racial group.

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    there are no real human races. The division is arbitary, so couldn't really say where they are. The idea of race differ from country to country. America tends to recognize White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander and Other. This differs throughout time.

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    dravida should be in south india, mongolian as in where northern china is now bordering russia

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    Katie is on the dot. Give her 10 points

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    You should know that is an archaic and racist typology with no basis in reality. It's been thrown out by professionals.

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    Ugh. Well, if you MUST know, they are "caucasoid", "*******", "mongoloid", and "australoid".

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