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Do Americans view most anything else like chattle or victory for the spoilers ? It doesn't matter the place.I

I read the questions on here and wonder do Americans view the rest of the world as their submissives ? Despite the histroy or facts do Americans view themselves as kings in every courtyard ?

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    The big fish eat the little fish is a maxim of international relations, meaning that powerful nations enforce their interests against weaker ones. This is not entirely true since small nations often join coalitions to protect their interests against the “big fish”, and there are international conventions that constrain the use of raw power. Sometimes the little fish defend themselves with surprising effect, as the Americans learned in Vietnam and the Soviets did in Afghanistan. Still, the nations that are most powerful militarily and economically tend to arrange international affairs to suit themselves.

    The “Big Fish” is an imperialist power that sucks the blood from smaller, weaker countries, taking their harvests and giving them nothing. Can we realistically hope to raise everyone’s material life-style to the level enjoyed today by Americans?? It would be very difficult, probably impossible, to bring everyone up to American levels.

    So the answer to your question is YES, Americans view themselves as kings in every courtyard.. it reminded me of the years when the world was cut unambiguously by an iron curtain, and America still stood on the side of victory. Here was the mirror image of that naïve and comfortable time, staring back at me in complete incomprehension.

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    You got it. Americans view might as right. If you can ramrod your agenda down some one's throat, or intimidate them by force or economic ruin, you can cow them into doing whatever you want. But even the master seems to have a master. America seem to be the lacky dog of the Israelis. But they will play both end against the middle because they do not want to piss off the gas tank(the Saudis). So they will do this hat dance of "we are with you, but if one of your boys attack Isreal, you are on your fricken own" If I remember one of the reason for WWII was Japans imperialism. And Websters definition of imperialism is seeking to gain indirect control over the political and or economic life of other areas. Gee, Uncle Sam has never done that, has he? I mean the US only has bases on more than 2 dozen other nations yet will never allow any of its "friends" to ever have a base here. Wonder what they would say if the Saudis wanted to build a base in New Mexico? And not to mention all the aid and help Uncle Sam gave the brutal dictator Pinochet. How he created Saddam by arming him against the dreaded Iranians. And the creation of Osama Bin Laden when he and the Mujahadeen was fighting the Soviet scourge. And when any nations balks the company line, good old Uncle Sam reminds them of how much aid they were given and how the tap could dry up. Or, they maybe seen as "evil doers" harboring terrorist and whack with the might of the military. Because the people of America want to take claim to the fall of Communism, or at least Soviet style Communism they believe they can say or do anything and they are not to be questioned. After all, this is the craddle of liberty. We here certanly have a better more honest government then those "over there". We do not ballot stuff. Just support those who do, like Marcos of the Philippines(so long as he "kiss the ring") It is said that power corrupts, total power corrupts totally. So as long as there is no one who can check Uncle Sam he will remain corrupt.

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