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How did the current war between Israel and Lebanon originate?

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    Hezbolla or however you spell it attacked an Isrearli border post and kidnapped 2 Isreali soldiers. Not sure if the Isreali shelling or the Hezbolla rockets came first but within hours there were munitions flying over the border from both sides.

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    It originate on the Israel Government by not informing the Lebanese Government of what the Hezbollah have done to the Israel Soldiers Outpost and the kidnapping of the two Israel Soldiers. They have bypassed the Government to Government courtesy in solving the problem.

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    It's between Israel and Hezbollah -

    (considered a legitimate political opposition)

    And it started when Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and made demands.

    What I love about it is...Israel does NOT negotiate with terrorists.

    They say it...and they mean it.

    And even though other Arabic Muslim states have declared holy war...Israel is resolute in "disarming" hezbollah.

    They have two options: lay down your weapons and comply with resolution 1559 or Israel will make you lay down your weapons.

    Hezbollah should have taken the first option.

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    To elaborate for driacon (which he has it completely right)

    Israel fired first after hezbollah refused to return their soldiers.

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