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How do I transfer music on my PC from 'My Music' to my 'I-Tunes library'?

I'm new to music downlaoding and have used I-Tunes to download music but decided to try another site which offered better prices for downloads. I successfully downloaded the albums/tracks to 'my music' documents. The trouble is I think I'm doing something wrong as I can't seem to transfer the original music files stored in 'my music' to my I-tunes library.....any pointers in the right direction are much appreciated!


Thanks for the advice Natalie445. I did right click and put 'open with I-Tunes' but when I go into I-tunes and select the tracks, it tells me that this is not the original file and do I then want to open & play it from the original location? An esclamation mark appears to the left of the song title where you see the little speaker logo.

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    2 ways

    Go to the song

    Right Click and put open with itunes

    If that doesn't work

    Open itunes

    Go to file - add file to library

    Go to My Music if it isn't already there

    Look for your song

    It should go in (It will convert it itself if it has to)

    And the other thing

    That happens when you move the file or delete it

    When it comes up put ok and look for it

    Then when you find it, click it

    it should start playing

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    Open iTunes. Now open this menu: File > Add Folder to Library > and then choose the location of your My Music folder. Everything in that folder should then be inserted into your iTunes library instantly... note that wmv files will be converted accordingly. Just say yes when they ask to do this, otherwise you can't have the music in the library.

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