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Who voted for Ralph Nader in 2000? And don't you feel really stupid right now?



War in Iraq v.s an Al Gore presidency.....

not really close...

To party system rocks

At least David Koreshs' followers could never win an election!

Update 2:

Yeah Bush should give all the Nader voters

1000.00 a piece, and invite then dinner at his ranch.....

Bush loves Nader!

Update 3:

Come on admit it.......your a voted for Nader....I use to like him but ever since then.......argh!

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    Bush must have been happy and he should thank those guys who voted for Nader.

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    He was probably the best candidate for the job, and supported by some of the most intelligent people we have. What I don't understand is if one knows he can't win, why would one cast their ballot that way. If you had gone and voted Democrat maybe the towers would not have fallen and we would not be trying to take over the Middle East. I say maybe because those two parties are becoming indistinguishable in some cases.

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    People voting for Nader didn't cause all this, people voting for Bush did. You're wrong about the 2 (1) party system. Corporations don't care who dies, especially if they can't afford their cars, their computers, their cigarettes, their booze, their daughters.

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    lol yes the libs would have magically waved a wand and stopped the terrorists from flying into the towers if Al Gore were president. After all he did invent the internet! lmao thanks for the laugh I needed that. Nader nader nader

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    me. no. i'd vote for 'im, again, in a second. the two party system, if we're even maintaining that illusion, still, is crap.

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    boy, i would hope so.

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