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Is sex on the net possible?

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    Define sex - - - it will still be you and your hand but yes you can read erotic e-mails and look at pictures - - - psuedo sex. Have fun whanking it.

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    if by that you mean cybersex......my view on it is 50/50

    how i support it....

    1) it dosent effect me

    2) it can be a good way for long distance couples to "be intemate(sp?)"

    3) it keeps the people with STDs from spreading them if they do this

    4) its a good way for young couples to "have sex" without actually doing it

    5) pervs have a sexual outlet instead of rape/abuse

    how i dont support it:

    1) it can be used to solicet(sp?) young people for sex

    2) it floods the Yahoo! game rooms with pervs with lines like "n e hot chickes wif big boobz press 5678556789"

    3) it can cause people to become more "addicted" to the internet (like real sex can be addictive)

    4) you never know who your cybering

    5) i DO consider cybersex to be cheating, and cheating is wrong

    if by this you mean porn, its not sex...its porn lol

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