I need help from girls that know things that need to be known?

There is this girl she broke my heart i mean i loved her i couldnt stand being away from here when we had sex i put my emotions in her not just my D1ck and she left me because I didnt care about the future she said i just worry about now and not my future..she was a rich smart girl i have nothing my home got taken from a hurricane i was just wondering it really hurt me how can i get her back or get over her?...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I get the impression that she's a bit materialistic in that case, It would be better to get over her... as to the how? The usual way... a few tears, a few beers then move on.

    Whether you want her back or not... This is my advice:

    Plan for the future... Do immediate steps to rectify the situation, you lost your house in a hurricane, i'm sorry, but be strong, move on. Look for a job, if you have a job and you're good at what you do, i'm sure they would want to help you. Set short-term and long-term goals. Like by the end of this year: "I'll be moving my bum *** out of my parents' house and in an apartment with money in the bank and in my pocket."

    If you still love her, in the sense that you want to marry her... after you've done all of this and she's still the one you want... you'll figure it out. Ayt? Good luck. :>

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    1 decade ago

    Show you you do care about the future, but that you don't worry about the future! Show her how much you care, but don't beg,that's a turn off (well for me anyway :-)). Show her she is so important to you, how is up to you, but just let her know, not think, but know that you care. (You probably know this all already so I was probably no help whatsoever :-). All the best.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hey! If i were you i would just carry on with my life. She's is obviously a player and only used you. Sorry to hear about your problems. Go on with life, find a new girl and start all over again, that's what i would've done",)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i tink u should get over her...

    reason is that she left u and nth u do can change tt..

    well, face it.if i were u, i would face reality.i noe it is difficult to forget sum1..

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