Why do whiney liberals hate our great, heroic, leader George W. Bush and utterly dispise freedom?

George W. Bush is the greatest president of all time. Bar none. Before Bush, we had presidents who committed adultery and countless other unforgivable sins. All other presidents before Bush were cowards. The US was never a free country until Bush became president. If Bush wern't president today, we would have some lesser man who is a coward in office who would allow the ragheads to take over America. But sadly, liberals don't seem to realize this. They love the enemy. They want them to win no matter what. Freedom is a disease to them. They can't stand it, it gets under thier skin. They love terrorists and they love everything that is wrong in the world.

They oppose George W. Bush because he is the only man in the world who stands for everything that's right. He is the meaning of justice. Yet, liberals can't stand justice, or freedom. They do not want it nor do they want others in our country to have it.

So my question to you is why? Why do you keep on opposing freedom and bear such


an idiotic grudge against the greatest American hero who has ever lived? This man is the only president who knows right from wrong. He is the only one who fears God and acts upon what is right. To oppose him is just to blatently say that you are an evil person who enjoys everything that is wrong in the world. Why? I do not understand how anyone can purposely think like this. Please it explain to me.

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    Because Liberals love communism. Socialism is one step towards the implementation of communism, and Bush stands in the way of that. They have failed since 1994 and are desperate to gain control of the house and senate again, and so the all the whinos in the media support them in their template which is: "how can this hurt Bush". They should really shut up and consider themselves lucky that Pat Buchannan wasn't elected... we may not be in Iraq now if that was true but Big Government sure would be much more dismanteled than under this president... who is good, don't get me wrong, but who could have gone a lot farther in dismantelling the PORK out of government and our budgets. Since carter, no REAL big spending lib will ever last more than 4 years in office, they can't because they care more about ideology than the economy.

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    George W. Bush should be tried and executed for war crimes!He has systematically lied to the American people. the war in Iraq was based on lies and Now because of his lies almost 3,000 of our brave soldiers are dead, there family's will never be the same again. Bush doesn't care about god, you, me, or anybody else for that matter, all he cares about is money, and what he can do, or who he can screw over to make a buck. The amount of money he has made on The war in Iraq and 9/11 makes me sick, I don't know how this man sleeps at night. Bush doesn't stand for freedom, hes a dictator, and I hate him with every ounce of my being for destroying the country I love, I will never forgive him. George Bush hates your freedom, and if you are blind enough to follow him you deserve your fate. And you have a lot of nerve saying hes better than our other great presidents like FDR, Washington, and Jefferson. These men are spinning in there graves at what Bush has done to our great nation. You need to read some real news instead of believing the stuff Fox, Ann Coulter, Rush, and the other Conservative hypocrites are feeding you. I respect your opinion, But I feel sorry for you,and that you have bought into the propaganda that Bush and Co. have feed you.

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    Okay. Calm down. Take breath. Have a cold MGD.

    1 Washington

    2 Jefferson

    3 Lincoln

    4 Teddy Roosevelt

    5 Franklin Roosevelt

    6 Eisenhower

    7 Reagan

    I love our President Bush as much as you do and the liberals do tick me off. I don't think W is the best we have ever had (refer to list), but I would say he ranks right up there with FDR and Lincoln considering their conflicts and the current war. Don't let the Nazi ragheads get under your skin. Get under theirs instead.

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    bush is a hero???? What planet are you from? Why don't you list all the heroic things he did in Viet Nam? That's right, you can't. georgie (the former Yale Univ. cheerleader) was such a coward that he got daddy to pull some strings so he wouldn't be sent to war. But if you think that someone who's too scared to fight, but is willing to send others to die is a hero, then you must be a republican! You flip flopping liars never cease to make me chuckle!

    Sorry for ruining your little hissy fit with facts, but that's life little man.

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    Don't be so upset. They (liberals) see what your mind can't accept. Bush is a practical joke. He is a fool (we have seen the funny videos about Bush), an empty mind...

    You can not change others mind, specially if Bush acts and show himself like that. He doesn't rule by himself because he is not capable of that. He is a puppy in someones hand.

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    Maybe they are whining over the fact that he has created the largest deficit in all the history. He has sought out other countries to push American Democracy on, yet has not resolved the hate crimes going on in America itself. So let me see, can't think of one good reason he should be regarded as a hero.

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    I'm assuming this is a joke, but just in case you really are that stupid- George Bush doesn't give a rat's a$$ about your freedom.

    I know many a republican who would be apologising for it if they read that post.

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    roflmmfao,thanks, u gave me the greatest laugh ive ever had,ur a funny guy.so im guessing since ur gonna stereotype liberals,im gonna stereotype retards i mean republicans.so why do you sleep with people ur related too?how does it feel to get up and know that the only things smaller than your gene pool is your penis and your brain?oh ya,go take your opinion and shove it straight up ur a s s.night.

    Source(s): lmao thanks for the laughs.
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    I don't despise freedom, nor do I hate Bush. People who say they hate him, feel out of control of their lives and feel better when they attack him or anyone else who doesn't think exactly the way they do.

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