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is ther any other less painful way than waxing to remove hair on arms & legs?

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    shaving, or veet has a "bladeless razor" where you put on foamy stuff that dissolves your hair and then you kinda scrape it off with the bladeless razor. there are other similar products that dissolve hair too.

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    Veet is gross! If your arm hair is way out of control, you can always consider electrolysis. It hurts a bit, I won't lie, but it's a short process and the hair never comes back. It literally kills the hair folicles. It costs a bit, but if you consider how much waxing/veeting/even shaving costs every other week or however long you'd have to do it, it'd be cheaper in the long run.

    Otherwise, I'd stear clear of neer or veet, they are gross chemicals and they can leave stubble just as bad as razors, and a LOT of people's skin are to sensitive for the chemicals (I veet'ed my leg and crotch area before a camping trip I went on with a guy I was seeing, and I had 1st degree burns from it. Sucked. )

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    I don't understand why you are waxing your arms, unless you have very dark hair on your arms. If you put lotion on the areas you are waxing, it will be much less painful, and remember to not apply too hot of wax. The less painful ways are shaving or dipilitories.

  • Use Veet. I have been using that for the past month and it works better than Nair and doesn't smell bad either, and it gives you perfectly smooth results.

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    Try Nair.

    Source(s): I use it sometimes.
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    No pain No gain.

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    iam having the same problem but i don't think there will be a solution

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