OK I have many Questions about Engine ?

1) What does CC in engine signifies ? I know its some kinda volume but whose.......?

2)I have seen bigger capacity engines have low incresed power i mean i hve seen a 1000cc engine at 130 BHP and a 1700CC engine at 160 BHp.why is power increase so low ?

3)Where can i get all information like this online ?

4)Where can i get technical info abt specific cars online ?


ok........i have jsut given Examples......actual was simmilar to this.You are hear to answer my Q if ya know.............Yu are not here to make fun of me.......ok ?

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  • Kyle M
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    1 decade ago
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    1: ccs are Cubic centimeters of displacement. Its dependant on the size of the bore and stroke of the cylenders.

    2: Size isnt everything. THeres hundreds of variables that go into it, anything from reciprocating mass to cam timing to intake manifold design to cooling systems you can have a 3000 cc engine put out 900 hp like F1 cars, or a 20,000 cc motor puting out about 500 hp like a tractor engine.

    3: Howstuffworks.com has wicked amounts of info in very easy to read formats with lots of diagrams and such.

    4: For performance cars, www.supercars.net has lotsa good info, and if you sign up for the forums (careful with this part, were not the friendliest at times) you can ask questions there.

  • okar
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    1 decade ago

    cc is a volume measure, just like cui or cubic inches.

    In fact, it is the world standard for measuring volume, and it is only USA an UK who are still using the very old inches, so anywhere over the world, engines are measured either in liters or cc. (cars, bikes, trucks, whatever)

    There are no laws saying that a bigger engine is more powerful. It is true most of the time, but it's a mistake to measure power by the size of the engine, and F1 racing engines are a good example.

    Sometimes, engines of the same size can have 200, 250 and 300HP, because of differences other than the size, like electronics, intakes, superchargers and many other stuff.

    To get info about specific cars online, just google the name, it's very simple to trace information until you reach a good site.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cc means "cubic centimeters"

    the power increase is so low, because with most engines, a size increase compared to a power increase drops off gradually. if we could easily get 2x the power from building 2x the engine, then we would be able to have rediculously larger engines. the fact is that the bigger the engine, the more weight that the engine has to haul around as well.

    3. try using google and search for "internal combustion engine"

    howstuffworks.com is also a good resource.

    4. that last one is a bit harder, but try looking up repair manuals.

  • 1 decade ago

    what cars are you talking about, sounds like bikes to me most cars go buy liters and cubic inches bikes go by cc's but i have never heard of a 1700cc bike

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