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What is the diamagnetic and paramagnetic structures of oxygen???

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    Considering that u must be knowing dia mag and paramag materials.According to the molecular orbital theory there are lone pairs in the antibonding orbitals of Oxygen molecule so the normal molecule is paramagnetic,but when we add more electrons in it the pairing of electrons in the anti bonding p orbital takes place till all of them are paired and thus we get a dimagnetic oxygen.i hope this was u asked for ur question was not clear

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    oxygen is paramagnetic. there are different structures possible, but experimentally it's been found to be paramagnetic which means it's a diradical.

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    u know the electronic configuration

    if there is any half filled orbital in the oxygen atom it is paramagnetic

    no any, ie, orbitals are completed filled is diamagnetic

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    one refers to a structure where the outermost electrons point in the same direction and in the other they point in the opposite directions.

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