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what are some Question you can come up with for the history of war planes?

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    The Germans were the first to have a operational jet in 1944 with the Messerschmitt Me262 and was closely followed by the English Gloster Metor a few months later. The US didn't have a jet till after the 2ndWW. It was the P-80.

    A B-29 named "Enola Gay" dropped the first Aromic bomb and a B-29 named Bock's Car" dropped the second one.

    What was the name of the A/C used during WW2 in China and what were they called? P-40's and Flying Tigers.

    Now for all you history buffs, we all know the P-51 was used in Europe.. What was the most popular US A/C used in the south Pacific? Also what were some of the planes used on the carriers at that time?

    As for Jimmy Doolittle, he was famous for leading the Doolittles raid of B-25's Mitchell's on Japan. What is so important about it is they took-off of aircraft carrier USS Hornet when they got into range of Japan. They couldn't return to the carriers and land so had to continue onto China after there raid. My brother was one of the pilots on that raid and couldn't find anyplace to land and had the crew bail-out to be picked up by the Chinese. Some of the crews never made it. It was really a suicide mission that worked.

    Now, the B-25 Mitchell was named after who?

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    Actually wasn't the forerunner of the jet the deducted fan and wasn't it an Italian product. Marconi or similar 1934. First use of a machine gun in an aeroplane? Wright Flyer 1908

    What was Bock's Car? Nameof B-29 that dropped the 2nd atom bomb.

    Who was Jimmy Doolittle and what did he do?

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    Who invented the first jet plane? (Germany) Why were early models so dangerous? Dogfighting tactics for jets vs. prop planes??

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