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They'll never be able to totally stop it, anyway, so why not just legalize juice and get it over with?

Face it, if you're stupid enough to risk permanent damage to your health and life for a short-term gain, it should be your problem...and the fact is, steroids may make you stronger and faster, but you still need the eye and the technique to either hit 'em out of the park or blow 'em by at 100 mph...

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    What would you have...better baseball through chemistry.

    The problem with sterroids, or any other drug, is that drugs may be started at at early age and can cause more harm than good by the time the young kid in high school reaches the pro's.

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    You can't legalize steroids man. That's encouraging every body to get on the juice. Imagine all the Little Leaguers out there looking up to their role models and knowing they're on the juice. That's not even the biggest problem, the bigest problem would be tarnishing the game of baseball. The steroid policy has just recently been put into effect...just give it some time, and I think it will work out. More and more athletes are being caught with juice these days and the policy will work out.

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    You would not be breaking any records. You would only be setting records in another class. They would have to be separated from the current 'pre roid' records.

    This would be like lowering the basket in basketball to 8 1/2' and saying all the records are falling.

    Ultimately it destroys baseball.

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    It would sure make for some very exciting offensive fireworks.

    While a pitching duel may delight baseball purists, offensive displays put more fans in the seats.

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    Lets legalize everything else also. Coke, Heroin, Crack, etc.

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  • cause they stupid

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