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I need to buy a cheap aquarium for a 30cm turtle. Whats the cheapest way to get one?

Species is an eastern snake necked from Australia! i live in aus as well and have a big budget! thanx

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    A pond setup is the best way to go, but if you want one indoors, I would personally recommend using a Rubbermaid-like tank as opposed to a glass aquarium. They're cheaper, durable, and provide a better sense of comfort for your turtle (dark like the bottom of a pond). I've heard of people using horse troughs as tanks as well. They're more expensive than Rubbermaid, but they're virtually indestructable and come in larger sizes.

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    Cheapest way to get an aquarium is at a YARD SALE. But many times they are not water tight. Check it well. Turtles produce a lot of waste. They are stinky! I would buy a 40 gallon (long) tank with a good filter. A submersable filter is optimal. Try not to clutter the tank with decorations, as its harder to clean. Also large rocks are the best substraight to to their ease of cleaning. Give the turtle some dry land also. They can easily get fungus growth if constantly in water. Good luck.

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    The rule of thumb is 10 gallons of swimming space per inch of turtle. The metric equal of this would be something like 40 liters of water per 2.5cm of turtle.

    Thus, a 30cm (12") turtle would need about 480 literes (120 gallons).

    At that size, aquaria become impractical and most keepers go to children's swimming pools, pre-shaped pond liners, plastic stock watering tanks, etc.

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    Madkins is correct, if you are really serious about this and have a very large budget backyard pond would be the way to go. You may also want to consider putting it back into the wild.

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    You can try Craigslist as you can usually find just about anything there. If you haven't heard of it is a type of internet market place/want ads. Just be sure you go to your city and country or you might end up dealing with someone very far away. If you lucky you might find one for free.

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    Have a look online for your local frecycle group (bulletin board run through yahoo), then advertise as "wanted... aquarium", you might be lucky and get a freebie someone no longer wants.

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