Anyone near or in Winston-Salem, NC in the remodeling business willing to hire a female?

I am in school for Interior Design and want to get into remodeling houses. I am willing to work hard and not afraid of physical labor. This will give me a chance to learn firsthand what it takes to start my own business.


cool, thanks

Update 2:

To answer your question as to what I look like I can change like night and day.

When I go out I straighten my hair, put on lots of makeup, wear heels and I will admit I get a lot of looks but if I was going to be working on houses all day it'd be pony tail and no makeup. I will admit I can be pretty scary without it so I doubt my looks would be an issue :)

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    Ugh...wish you were a bit further north!! My brother runs a remodelling business and he loves hiring females!! They have a certain eye for remodelling that most men lack. He's partners with a female and I think both of them together do great work and have a remodelling style like no other. I'll ask if he knows anyone in your area.

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    What do you look like, because some women reading your question might have husbands who own remodeling businesses and they would be skeptical of having their husband hire some good looking chic to come work for them.

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