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Was there a conspiracy to assassinate JFK, RFK, and MLK?

Do you believe the Government lied to us about the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King Jr. ?

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    Most people think JFK and MLK were assasinated because they tried to end the Vietnam war.

    However, I think JFK was killed because he tried to break up the CIA and restructure the government but, the government majorly did not wanna be restructured.

    The government CERTAINLY did not want to stop Vietnam after their monumental failure at the Bay of Pigs or after they believed JFK cowardly handled the cuban missile crisis.

    Do you really think that his top aides would have allowed him to be driven around in an open top convertible when sniper rifles had existed since WW2? Do you really think the Zapruder film was an accident? IT was done that way to show the world !!!

    As for RFK, he was shot in the head, yet didn't die immediately. He actually was conscious to speak after the attempt. He was taken into emergency brain surgery and SURE ENOUGH...DIED.

    As for MLK, every Klanmember and neo nazi in the world wanted him dead. Conspiracies on top of conspiracies there.

    A conspiracy by definition is when more than one person plans the murder of another person. whether or not the government did it, these were definately conspiracies.

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    During the presidency of JFK, his brother RFK was the US attorney general. And at the time RFK was trying to wipe out organized crime (the Mafia). The best way for the Mafia to stop this was to eliminate the man behind it all, RFK. But if RFK were killed, President Kennedy would certainly declare war on the Mafia.

    Hence, the Mafia decided to assassinate the President which then would leave his brother, Robert Kennedy, powerless. When JFK died and LBJ became President, RFK was no longer US Attorney General and was unable to prosecute and punish the Mafia.

    Once RFK tried running for President, he was seen as a threat and removed.

    That's the way the History Channel explained it.

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    yes there was, and some of them are still active. In politics there is no lying there is failing to say the whole truth. conspirators are very intelligent and would not fall in such pits. you can read an infinite number of articles, books, comments and other materials about that and they all are part of the conspiracy or its aftermath. the more there is the more difficult it is to Analise and get a result and this is a conspiracy goal in itself. look first at who needed these kills then proceed but it will take a very long time. did i make myself clear i am open to further talk.

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    Not to answer your question with a question, but where was George Bush, the elder, on Nov. 22nd, 1963. For that matter, where was Prescott Bush. I know Richard Nixon left Love Field in Dallas 2 hours before JFK landed there. Jeez, don't get me started.

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    Honestly, at this point I think we all have more to worry about than these old and moldy issues. No, I don't think there was some gigantic conspiracy by our government, but many want to believe that there was and they will NEVER be made to think otherwise. With that said, who really cares anymore about these issues? Again, other more current stuff with which to concern ourselves.

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    I think LBJ was the instigator behind it. The political leaders were made aware and that is why he only served one term.

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    Those were strange times, indeed. No one knows for sure.

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    Everything is a lie.

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    yes of course there was in all these cases

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