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How did these ones die?

Jesus, Krishna, Sakia, Iva, Indra, Mithra, Tammuz, Criti, Attis, Baili, Thules, Orontes, Witoba, Odin, Hesus, Quetzalcoatl.

note that they are all real and are not made up names

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    I'll take mythical deities for $800 Alex...

    What is: all these god-men were crucified in their respective folk tales??

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    apart from Jesus, most of the others were demi-gods. Krishna for e.g. was the son of a Prajapati (the hindu equivalent of "watcher"). Therefore they had supernatural powers.

  • Jesus died hanging on the cross for your sins. the others didnt die, they never existed.

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    Quetzalcoatl didn't die. He sailed away on a boat made of snakes.

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    Jesus didnt die yet...

  • Their all one and the same person. How He died? I think you already know.

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    I think all of them knew when their time would come..that is when it was time to......

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