Who thinks cameras on red lights violate any rights?

I got a ticket for running a red light. I saw no cops were around, figured I was safe. But the camera flashed in my face. A few days later, a letter with my picture, my car and me going thru the intersection in COLOR was in my sweaty little hands. Also was a note saying if I didn't pay their outrageuos fee of $341, I would get my license supended. Is this exhtortion? Blackmail? A violation of my privacy rights? Do they need to post a sign and disclaimer saying I will be photographed? I hate to pay this money, it sucks.

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    It does suck, I dont agree that it is ok to blow a red light. But I do agree that these cameras someday will be used for more than just a simple traffic violation.

    Unfortunalty, there isnt a law in place that says you can't have your photo taken..Privacy does not take into consideration your photograph taken in pubic, BUT if you were in your yard, and some sleaze took your photo, then that would be against your rights, because that is private property.

    BUT in some states it is against "the unwritten rules" to take pictures of police officers...I read a few articles in recent months about this...

    Hey! ITs do as I say, not as I do...apparently..

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    It's not extortion. It is a fine imposed by a court of law for a WILLFUL violation of the law.

    It's not blackmail. See above regarding "extortion".

    It's not a violation of your privacy rights. You have no expectation of privacy when on a PUBLIC street. In fact, the street is actually the property of the city, so if they want to put a camera there, they can. The only place you have any reasonable expectation of privacy is in your own home or inside some other building you own. Even outside your house, in your own yard, you are putting yourself in view of the public, so have no expectation of privacy. If you are in your next door neighbor's house, he can take a picture of you because it is his house and you have no expectation of privacy in his house. Get over it.

    They do not need to post a sign and/or disclaimer telling you you will be photographed. Just as in the case of any other violation of the law, i.e.-a criminal act, they gave you notice when they made the law that running a red light was a crime. And you acknowledged receiving this notice when you got a license. But even if you don't have a license, "ignorance of the law is no excuse." Just because you got caught does not mean the city/police/whoever did anything wrong; it means you did.

    Suck it up. Pay the ticket. Stop running red lights.

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    i'm no longer a proponent yet do agree that the information instruct a decrease style of violations while they are in effect. i think of the main considerable criminal challenge is equivalent therapy. If the digital camera catches you, it is only a $seventy 5 or so civil penalty and no employing checklist effect. If a police officer tickets you for the suitable same violation, the fines and expenses are lots bigger and it appears that evidently throughout the time of your employing checklist so coverage can circulate up. If the expenditures and effects have been equivalent, there does not be a controversy. of direction, i'd somewhat the police only have the means to challenge a low-cost, non-shifting form of violation same because of fact the cameras, as against any different way around.

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    No, the city streets aren't private. Neither is the outside of your car. I got pulled over doing 90 in a 60 zone. The car in front of me had been doing 110 but passed me eight minutes ago....there weren't any cameras. Radar. My ticket was $421 AFTER discount. I was guilty so I paid. I was almost slaughtered one night 'cause someone ran a red light. I've done it before too. The cameras are there so the cops can answer to emergency calls.

    Let's face it-their irrefutable. A video says you did it. Pay it.

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    even though it sucks it is not a violation of your rights. as long as they can prove that you were the driver and the light was red you are screwed. you might want to check out the intersection again. most are marked that they have a camera. Police can and will use any way to keep laws from being broken. the fact that you looked for cops says your guilty. what was the big rush

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    That's funny that you mention the red light cameras. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We used to have those cameras at a few intersections here. But apparently, people were so whiney about their presence that they were removed a few months after they were installed.

    If you don't like the cameras, tell someone who has the power to remove them. Maybe they will.

    Personally, I think those cameras are a good idea. They cause drivers to take fewer chances at intersections. And thus saving lives.

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    Well you did break the law, so by doing that there is consequences. That's why there are cameras there. Just because you didn't see any cops around that doesn't mean the law does not exist. If you look there are usually signs posted that there are cameras. At least in my town there are.

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    How does it violate your rights? You're in plain view, on a public road, driving with permission from the state government which issued you your license, a privlege that they mat revoke at anytime.

    Just because you ran a red light does not make you a victim.

    Try using your brakes next time.

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    You broke the law. You're complaining because you got caught? You think it's bad to be caught breaking the law? What if someone robbing a bank got caught with a camera? Isn't it the same thing, just on a different scale? If you believe you shouldn't have to pay the fine for the smaller law you broke, do you think people who break bigger laws should have to pay their fines?

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    It has been challenged and guess what...you don't have any right to privacy in any public place other than a restroom. So next time run your red lights in the restroom.

    BTW you are lucky you didn't peg some poor guy on a motorcycle or something...stop running red lights dumb a**.

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