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i want to become a pediatrician however..?

i'll have to study 7 years..4 years for a degree in internal medicine and 3 specializing in pediatrics. is it possible to reduce this period?how could i do that? how many years would they be after the reduction?(summer coarses?)

plz plz help me....i dont want to graduate when am 25 and get married when am 30

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    Sorry, but it takes time. In my country it's 9 years, so you're relatively lucky. As for marriage, you don't need to wait till graduation.

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    There are programs that accelerate that. For instance, the Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine has a program where you get a BS and MD in about 4 yrs. Yes, summer courses will speed it up, but you have to be careful not to burn out or bring down your GPA because you're overloaded.

    And yes, you can have a personal life while in school. The person just has to be on board with your goals.

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    If you take 6 classes a semester (one overload class) and 6 classes in the summer, you'll have your 4 year degree done in around 2 years, give or take a semester. You'll probably burn out, but if you can get through it, it's the only chance you'll have to lessen those years. Med school and internships cannot be rushed because they require soul crushing hours as a minimum requirement.

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    I cant inform you what A stages you wish to have however will A's in your entire topics, you're going to have got to research medcine at uni so that you have got to observe to uni's as good, graduate, get a junior medical professional submit for probably one million-two years, take "primary" rough tests for bout 10 years even as operating you method via up from junior medical professional, SHO, registrar, employees grade medical professional, and so forth. Seriously you would be overdue thirties-early forties earlier than you get to be a guide in any clinical discipline. It would valued at honestly assembly a paediatrician as its now not all a mattress of roses. They have got to make alot of existence or dying selections, with now not simplest their younger sufferers however their dad and mom and households too Good good fortune tho.

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