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Scams, scams, everywhere a scam....what have they tried on you? Did it work?

Today, I got an e-mail from so called "E-Bay" saying I had owed them some money....and to follow the link. At that site, they wanted my personal information.

I e-mailed E-Bay and they confirmed it was a fake site. I am sure many people would resond to that. So how about you?

One that worked on me....

I bought a new roof for my house. I signed a paper that allowed them to purchase the materials in my name. They put the roof on the house, but eventually and when they finished I wrote them a check. Later on I find out they did not pay for the materials after I paid them. So, I had a lein against my home.

They said they were bonded for $5,000. I ended up paying a lawyer about $1,000. He found out I would have been 10th in line to claim anything on the bond.

I felt pretty foolish...now your turn! How about you? Scammed?


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I was to help cash out a check thats worth $275 under my account. ATM's only cash out in quantities of $20. So, he said it would be ok if I just gave him $200 and I can keep the rest. This is a scam because it wasn't his check. I was lucky that the check cleared and I got my money back and no questions was asked. Or else I'd be in big big trouble. One of the oldest tricks in the book. Its also in the movie Matchstick Men.

  • 1 decade ago

    I had the E-bay scam that you encountered, too...and I got scammed on a purchase because of the way the seller made it look in the picture along with the ambiguity they used in describing the item...but I only lost $33.00, and now I can't believe I complained about that after hearing about your roof!

  • 1 decade ago

    i recieved an email from ebay too telling me someone stole my identity and that i should click on the link to give them my info. but on ebays web site they say they will never ask for someones information. i also baught something on ebay that costed 9 bucks and never recieved the item, and when i made the complaint they canceled there account and i never got my money back. thank god it was only 9 bucks

  • 1 decade ago

    this isn't really a scam i don't think, but when i ( an australian) get all these emails for prizes, but you have to be in america to claim the prize

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i was scammed when...so called "Hannah Montana"called!I got so excited i threw up...so i asked for her real name and se didnt say the name (wich i just forgot) and i figured she was a fake so i called the kid in my neighboor hood (cyber geek) he was the one who traced the call....it led to my best friend's house

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