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is it a bad thing she thinks i have a crush on her?

my neighbor whome i have partied with, believes i have a crush on her(well i heard this from her at the time quite drunk sister). i said to her sister who was pretty damn drunk that it was'nt a crush, and i believe that crushes are for high school children. and also said that it was'nt a crush i just think shes Hot. and then she said yeah my sister is Hot. so if she thiks i have a crush on her could that mess our friendship? and how do i react next time that happens?

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    Well it can't mess up your friendship i ask a boy out and he rejected me but we still talk i don't hate him he didn't do harsh he did it like he is going to put me on the side...

    But see just because she thinks you like her just still be the way you was to her don't care what she thinks it's what you know!!!!

    I always say that when my friendz try to go tell a boy i like him when i really don't!!!

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    Don't worry about what she thinks, or you 'll become too egoistic to function like a friend.If she ' s as HOT as you put it, this could be a chance for you now that she's aware of your admirations.

    Anyway.i sensed a sibling rivalry between her and her sister,be great friends with her sister and before you know it, she 'll probably be hitting on you.

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    Translation: she has a crush on you.

    Question is - do you fancy her?

    It doesn't matter. You should just continue to be friends with her, and don't mention it. Don't let your life be ruled by rumors. If you do like each other, you will be able to work something out!

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    Perhaps you could talk to her about it when you are both alcohol free

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    Its lust everyone has it sit it out and wait until your neighbor asks you herself.But then ask yourself also, do you like her?

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    Hug her tightly and give her everything you have!

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    just let her know your into her but choose to be just friends.

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