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Help! Phsyco aunt!!?

I am so sick with my aunt.She's a total nut case.

Growing up she was a always a drunk and beat

her first two daughters.Then she divorced their father and said he had sexually abused them,which isn't true.Then she married another guy and had a son.When her son was 5 yrs. old

she told every one that he analy raped all her

children which also isn't true.Now when a guy dates her daughter and when her daughter is tired of them she makes her daughter say that

he raped her.I think that she thinks that her and her daughters are so beautiful that guys want to rape them.Or maybe she wants them to

be raped.She also lies contstantly about back injuries to get pain pills.She has also tried to pull

law suits against 4 different places because she throws herself down and trys to hurt herself.Her

younger daughter told me that she watched her break her own wrist just to make people feel sorry for her.She told everyone that someone attacked her and broke it.


She always comes looking for handouts

from everyone,even my boyfriends cousin.She's now on crack and abandoned her children.How do I tell her

to stay away from me.Every time I try

she just gives me a sob story about how she needs me.She uses every one and only cares about herself and drugs.Why don't I have the courage to tell her off?

I can't stand her!!!

Update 2:

Who can I report her to?

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    It is hard to "turn in" a relative. Can your parents help at all? Maybe a family member who is closer to her than you can do something about her.

    If any of her children are underage, then report her to social services. You would be doing the children a favor.

    Don't let her bring you down though. I know it is hard but try to stand up to her. You did not say if you have children, but you certainly do not want her around them.

    Good luck to you. Sorry to hear about your trouble with your aunt.

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    Hate to say it but the best thing you can do for her is tell her that if she doesn't stop that she's on shes on her own and mean it!

    She needs to face realty she has hurt everyone that luvs her so use tuff love at this point it's her only chance...

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    yes your best bet, would be to help her get into some serious counseling, before she really hurts, herself or someone you love deeply. Time to really lay down the law on this one, sounds like its gotten way out of control, admit her if you have to, she seems to need attention, they will give her plenty of that in a clinic, my prayers are with you.

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    Why not just get some ant rid Spray some at her then give her the can

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    She needs help! Help her go see a psychologist.

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    try to find her a very hardhearted boy friend, let her live in real what she live in imagination.

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    I wish she is my aunt, I work in the zoo.

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