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math software?

i was never good at math and was seeking some great software to help me get good in math. im talkin calculus currently but have never been good at any math

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    There's a difference between mathematical software and tutorial software. Mathematical software includes stuff like Maple, Matlab and Mathematica. Tutorial software includes stuff to help you figure out mathematical ideas by giving you problems, concepts, etc.

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    Just google it, and browse around. Also, if you go to your local library, they may have CD-Roms you can check out that are tutorials in different subjects.

    Don't forget to use the tutoring center. Personal help is much more efficient than using software, since a trained tutor can see what your problem areas are.

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    welll there are a lot of "tutorials" and "ebooks" available out in amazon and ebay which you can use for sharpening your math skills. A software to teach calculus... havent heard about it....

    If you want to solve your math problems you can use MS Excel....its got all the stuff they teach in school

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    Author by Swann & Johnson

    Prof.E. McSquared's

    "Expanded intergalctic version!"

    "A Calculus Primer"

    This is a book, maybe if you contact them they may have better resource of which software to use.

    I love this book.

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    open office 2.0 its free software and one of its aplications is crazy good for math I'm so not kidding.

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    i dont know of any software, but i do know a website that might help. also ,aka math cantral. i hope this helps. good luck

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    there are a lot of soft wares you can find them by google. but soft wares have limitation. in fact you need somebody who can teach you math.

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