how to remove a name from 360 degree contacts?

I want to remove some names from the uncategorized and 360 degree favorites. how to do it?

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    1 decade ago
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    Do you want to remove them COMPLETELY? or do you just want to move them to a different category? If you want to REMOVE them COMPLETELY...just go to the MY FRIENDS tab at the top of your page....find the one you want to the EDIT next to their name...then click REMOVE FROM FRIENDS LIST...this will also remove you from their list as well.

    If you just want to move them from the uncategorized group to, say, your Friends the EDIT button next to the persons name...then in the section that says CURRENT CATEGORIES...take the checkmark OUT of the box next to UNCATEGORIZED....and right below that it says ADD SO'N'SO TO ANOTHER that and then click to put them in whatever category you want them in...or you can make a NEW category to put them in. Click ADD TO CATEGORY then click SAVE SETTINGS. Your done! Congratulations!

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