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i love the south and i love the heritage but why do other people hate it the war happened long time ago?

the war happend a long time ago so whats the deal with the hating twords us southerners

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    Forgetting ugly episodes depends on the greatness of the loss and the heart. Some people find it hard to forget the sad episode because the loss on their part was so great. And some people, though they lose much during the war somehow managed to forget and move on with their lives due to the greatness of their heart.

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    I have lived in the south for about 14 years and I do not consider myself a southerner. Part of the reason for hating is partially because many persons who come to the south do not consider themselves southerners but rather part of the Union, therefore they are not going to like southern heritage. They see the southern heritage as divisive and not representing American patriotism. Many people hate it because of the sad legacy of slavery and the fact that there were so many people in the south who supported slavery and because of this, and other reasons, the south broke away from the Union, though slavery was not the only reason. Other reasons included the feelings of wanting to control their destiny and economic control and states rights. There are still hard feelings today and many persons see the southern heritage as racist, mainly because of slavery. I don't blame people for thinking that way because the South did support slavery and it took a war to stop slavery.

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    The South reminds a lot of people of negativity. Racism was big in southern states. My dad, who was an immigrant, traveled to the south not knowing about it's history. When they told him he had to drink out of the lower quality 'colored' fountain, he was shocked.

    Today it's a bit different, but the scars of hatred are still there.

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    Because people are prejudiced and threatened by anything thats different. Southern culture is a beautiful thing, but to understand it people have to learn to open their minds to different ways of thinking and unfortunately many people are not capable of that.

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    I have no idea. Technology's not much different from the North down here, and I don't see Confederate flags everywhere. Perhaps prejudice? Or just old fights between the two different parts of the compass. Or maybe its because we're so different. no idea...

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    reality is that the south is ten year behind us....sorry but pretty much true. Internet changes things some, but usually behind times...war has little to do with it war is most important.

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    Well, gee, go to the south, and you see confererate flags on every house. They even have confererate flag cups and phone covers

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    don't know but i don't think that is why they hate .

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