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will cooking oil really work as gas on cars?

ive been reading alot latley about the gas prices and people starting us cooking oil as gas...and its working. what were to actually happen if i were to try this on my car. I'm a student so im always broke and saving money from gas would really help. I have a 99 chevy blazer if i tried it would my car work or brake down. and is there a difference if you use new oil or does it have to be used?

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    The cooking oil has to be used in specially modified cars and trucks that have Diesel Engines. Your Blazer has a gasoline only engine. You are stuck paying these prices...If you drive alot, you could sell the blazer and buy a small wagon that is more fuel efficient. My 98 Escort Wagon with a manual transmission gets 36-40 mpg! Good Luck!

  • The cooking oil you mention will only work in vehicles that have a diesel engine. I am glad you asked as I have been thinking of asking how many people would consider buying a diesel powered vehicle so they could use cooking oil fuel. It's called Biodiesel because it is biodegradable. It is non toxic and does not pollute like regular diesel fuel.

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    Don't put cooking oil in your car, it will definitely break down. You're probably thinking of ethanol which comes from the some components which are the same stuff you find in cooking oil, mainly corn. Cars that handle ethanol, or E85 fuel (FLEX fuel), are designed specifically to process that type of fuel. So, your car now won't be able to process that fuel. If you want to save money on gas, check out some of the tips on this government website:

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    Lookup "greasecar vegetable fuel systems" on the net.

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    , NO, will only work in Diesels, you put that in a car that uses gasoline and car will die. RIP

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