What are good resources for teaching 5th grade reading?

Best practices - Literature circles, centers, reading workshop, trade books w/literature units vs. basal texts...

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    4 years ago


    Source(s): Teaching Children to Read http://emuy.info/ChildrenLearningReading
  • Jenny
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    1 decade ago

    This is a question which experts have been answering (differently) for many, many years. It is subjective. But I'll tell you what works for me. I'm a Reading Specialist, and the best 5th grade readers I have had were from a year of reading the best of the best trade books. (The best in children's opinions!) One chapter a day, write a summary, next day discuss the previous chapter, and start all over again. These students, at the end of the year, tested better than other students in the school and the city who were learning with basal texts. And the best part is that they all learned to love reading. It's a lot of work for the teacher, reading and grading the summaries. But the students learn higher level thinking skills, comprehension skills, and they also become good writers. I've used the same method for 2nd through 5th grades. But I had a lot of prior years learning the best ways to teach decoding skills. I stumbled around a lot. The most profound thing I learned was that most curriculums and theories make the teaching of reading difficult and mysterious. Often teaching children the pure joy of reading is left by the wayside.

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    5 years ago

    It's probable to spend a lot of time and money trying to find methods to train your young ones how to see and boost their studying skills. Is hard to show a tiny child how to read, and also engaging them to learn is challenging in itself. However it doesn't need to be that way when you got assistance from the program https://tr.im/110pC , Children Learning Reading program.

    With Children Learning Reading you may show your youngster how to separate your lives sounds and break phrases in to phonemes, a vital thing whenever your kid is merely understanding how to spell.

    The reading program from Children Learning Reading program makes it easy for children to read rapidly and precisely, from easy words to sentences until they understand to read stories.

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    You have to determine what kinds of learners you've got in your class. visual? kinesthetic? auditory? from there, create short direct lessons, review, model the reading and comprehension strategies, buddy reading, fluency practice, vocabulary building, and reciprocal teaching has worked pretty well for me.

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