can anyone tell me wht is Paganism?

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    Paganism is the belief in many deity's. Like the ancient Greeks or Native Americans. People that study Wicca and Shamanism are also considered pagans.

    Many Pagans believe in one deity, and sometimes give that deity male and female characteristics. The Earth Mother for example. There is evidence also that states that Paganism was around long before any form of Christian religion.

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    It is a name for a large range of different traditions under the same umbrella of earth-based, usually ditheistic or polytheistic religions. Under this umbrella is Wicca/Witchcraft, which you are probably familiar with. Keep in mind that this is nothing close to anything Satanic as many people will tell you. Some people will tell you that a Pagan is someone who is not Christian or whatever... Paganism is a specific religion.

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    No particular religion. Just a belief in an existing entity not bound by the limits of human categorisation. Pagans have throughout history been persectued by the catholic church and the pentagram which is used to symbolise Satan actually originated as a pagan symbol

    Source(s): 1st class Honours in Theology Cambridge University
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    Pagans were a people that existed back durring the time of Odysseus. Sometimes they are linked to early greece. They are equivical to heathens in christianity. People who seem to worship material life and pleasure. They were known for ritualistic orgies and gluttony instead of worship to "God"

    I've been called Pagan once by a christian girl, because of (at the time) a new found understanding for loving, and enjoying life. I wasn't participating in sex parties, but I wouldn't have opposed one.

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    Paganism practiced in ancient times adore pagan idols. They don't believe in God. A pagan is not a Christian and has no religion.

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    Paganism (from Latin paganus, meaning "a country dweller" or "civilian") is a blanket term which has come to connote a broad set of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices of natural or polytheistic religions, as opposed to the Abrahamic ...

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    The neo-pagan movement is the rebirth of ancient traditional ways of celtic peoples.

    People confuse it with many other traditions, but is mostly a monotheistic tradition. They do believe in higher spirits, but still believe in an all powerful entity.

    it's a peaceful and graceful tradition, belonging to the earth and all that is natural.

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    To the members of the three desert religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, a pagan is anybody who does not belong to any of their three religions.

    They feel that their religions are superior because they are mono-theistic (only one God), which - according to them - is the highest and only true form of religion.

    Just as an anecdote: Muslims often say that Christianity is not mono-theistic, because of the belief in the Holy Trinity (One God in three persons).

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    yes Christians in general are pagans they worship the cross they celebrate Christmas with a decorated tree again a pagan ritual.didn't their god got the sh.ts when they worshiped some gold statues something stands me by i suppose you could always read that bit up in the bible.


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    This word originally comes from Latin. A 'paganus' was one who lived on this parcel of land, usually working it as a farm or performing other rural tasks. 'Paganus' came to mean country folk. Better say someone who follows the old, Earth-centered religions, old rituals. They are also known as country dwellers.

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