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I have a drug test in 3 days & i smoke weed every day,how can i pass off as THC negative?

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    You can't.

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    Take a glass of milk and mix a tablespoon of spicy mustard in it. The mustard will absorb all the THC and flush it out of your body. The milk will cushion your stomach from the mustard.

    Do this about twelve hours before the test.

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    Well a long time ago when it was just urine tests you could sometimes cleanse yourself and sneak by just barely....

    But now, for the most part, they take a piece of your hair, which has a memory of up to 3 months I, if this is the kind of test you're taking there's no way you can pass :(

    I'm sorry and good luck!

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    Go to GNC and buy a natural cleansing detoxification drink , Acme Total Eclipse- Orbital Orange or CHF Cleansing Liquid- Fruit Punch.It's about 50.00 for one bottle. Just ask them for something to clean out your system, most of them know what you are talking about. Drink it the same day you take your test..and good luck. Next time just say NO!

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    Chances are you can't. The best way would be to try to smuggle someone else's urine in with you to the test facility. If you have to do the deed in the place, I suggest that you smuggle it in a small waterproof bag that you keep in your crotch(to keep it nice and warm). If you lack the guts to do this, then I suggest you just pray and hope that they screw up. They usually don't but it is known to happen.

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    doomed, stoner!

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