Who are better oulaws: COWBOYS or PIRATES?? Why? or Why Not?

(This question really comes from my son, and I want to share your answers with him, he really wants to know what grown-up strangers with avatar pics for faces think! Thanks. )


My kid is 7, and is thinking Wild West ie: Billy the Kid etc.

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    Back in the day.... Cowboys stopped law from going around some parts of America, they did what ever they want, cheat in card games, drink all day, rustle some cattle, pick up some fine women and shoot anyone that got in their way!

    Back in the day of Pirates.... ummm they buried treasure and talked to parrots.... boring....

    And if you look at the present.... One of the biggest Cowboys is Kid Rock... he was in jail a few weeks a go for getting into a brawl and next weekend marries Pam.... thats Cowboy!

    Modern day Pirates.... mainly unheard of and all they do is fish in illegal areas and get there a.ss whooped by the Navy for it.


    Source(s): Me........ because l'm a Cowboy Baby! ;)
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    Pirates are the better outlaws, but cowboys are the better badasses.

    Pirates do a whole host of crimes, from murders to rapes, then flee across the big beautiful ocean.

    Cowboys traditionally were either total fringe outsiders engaging in small-scale combat with Natives or the Law, or were the law themselves. They were comprised of men of honour, vigilantes, bad guys, card sharks, etc.

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    I think pirates personally

    my friends brother was in college and he was on those things where they put u on a boat for a semester and they were studying the ocean around south africa and when everyone was asleep he was awake finishing reseach and the pirates came on board and stold all there information and the part i like is they wear the eye patch because it saves there vision so when u take it off u can see in the dark. =)

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    Cowboys are not outlaws, they are farm hands whose job is to protect the cattle from thieves, wild animals, and such.

    Pirates on the other hand take pleasure in attacking merchant ships and stealing their goods. They are outlaws by definition.

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  • 1 decade ago

    regardless of what television & movies show- majority of Cowboys were NOT outlaws.

    Therefore the answer would be Pirates.- especially since all of Pirates were/are outlaws.

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    Pirates. They live on the sea and go from port to port swinging their swords. Such excitement!!

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    Pirates. They plunder

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    oooh...tough choice!!!i think i'll go with cowboys...no...pirates...no...cowboys...it's hard to pick!!

  • 1 decade ago

    i dig both :P

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