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I'm thinking about beginning to box, but i worry about my mental health. what's is boxing's toll on the brain?

how many brain cells does it kill? just the nuerological risks in general.

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    Aww if you're gonna to learn and have fun then don't be afaird to take it up. The chance of brain damage is very small.

    However if you're thinking about going into professional boxing in the future... Well no one really know. Some seems to get out of it fine while others seems to suffer for rest of their life. However if you really want to go into professional boxing, my advice would be to find right coach and people to be around that will care more about you and your health than the paychecks you make.

    If you want to do professional sport and not worry too much about brain damage, try Muay Thai or Mixed Martial Arts. The damages to brain is much less in both sport.

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    Basically, everytime you get into a boxing match, you are giving yourself a concussion. Whenever you get hit in the head, whether you are boxing or not, your brain is bouncing around the inside of your skull. The repeated hits to the head (over many years) do add up and could cause you to have long term brain damage.

    Wearing headgear does help lessen the effects of the possible brain damage though.

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    Amateur boxing is close to the bottom of the list of deadly and injurious sports. Many studies over the years have proven that the instances of brain damage in amateur boxers is practically nil. In my years with amateur boxing I have not seen any serious injuries that were directly related to boxing. Unfortunately, it is not the same in pro boxing.

    Source(s): Melanie Ley
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    it is not known for sure. the only well known case is muhammad ali, but how do we know that the boxing caused the parkinsons? michael j fox got it at a younger age, was mallory pounding him in the head every day?

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    Amature boxing isn't dangerous with all of the equipment you wear, but in pro boxing it is much different.

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