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Do u think my gf would find it funny if i painted her mercedes she jus got for her 16th birthday lime green?

I really dont no if i should cuz its a 400,000 dollar car and i dont wanna pay for it. lol


hey drewwers... try the 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLR. duhhhh

Update 2:

Hey lindsay. whats up chick? i dont think im gonna do the car thing but if i do i'll call u. ohh and u still owe me that bj!! im still waiting?

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    you're probably just some kid that went to this website and probably dont even have a gf and are just trying to be "cool" as kids would say, because i know that noone in their right mind ould buy their 16yr old daughter a car like that. not even oprah if she had a kid. and let's just say IF you had a gf and she had a car like this, you would never in a million years even think about doing this to it. how stupid do you think we are?

    noone would buy their kid a car that goes 200mph+

  • Well then dont do it genius. You asked this question like an hour ago an everyone said dont do it. That even stupid to think. When you get yo first car tell me so I can paint yo car lime green an see how you think bout that.

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    I painted my girlfriends mercedes white, but the finish crackled.

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    Hahaha... Jason.. Jason... Jason Seriously dude Melissa will kick ur a**. Omg!! But knowing her father he will repaint it so go ahead. but call me cuz i wanna watch this. lol love ya!!!

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    what mercedes costs 400k ? not that I care.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well if youve got a death wish then go for it, otherwise don't

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