Its a bit confusing question?

Is it honest to have sex with an another person ,while you are already in deep relation with some 1 else ? if yes , than do you think that if you your g/f comes to know about that relation, what wud she feel like ,and would could her reactions be?


I have not falling in relations with any1 else , and i know i will not ditch her coz i dont wanna lose, her ,but i just wanted to know all about it

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    ummm i say no, and she would feel like she cause obviously you have good feelings for her if u say ur in a deep realtionship.. boys like you should be drowned in a lake with bricks on the bottom of ur feet so u cant come up!!!

  • yumyum
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    1 decade ago

    Uhhh, having sex with someone other than the person you are in a deep relationship with is pretty much as dishonest as it gets.

    If she finds out, she'll probably want to castrate you. And she just might do it, too...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How would you feel if she cheated on you. She will never truly be able to forgive you. This will always be on her mind. She will even think about it while you two are making love and it will be hard for her to give her whole self to you. If you really loved her you would not cheat she should be enough for you.

  • 1 decade ago

    umm no but i knw how you feel my ex is in a "deep" realationship now ..but he secretly comes bak to me in having sex.. but i think that you should be honest to ur gf and tell her bout the other person it will be alot better to hear it form u than other people

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  • are you serious? cheating's wrong anyway you look at it. if you want to be with somebody just break up with the other person it's as simple as that. don't cheat. she won't be too thrilled.

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