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What are the ethical issues that we should keep in mind while introducing a new product?

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    keep the cave men in mind remember that insurance commercial! lol

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    Ethical issues normally involved but whether it is applicable to your product is not known and listed below:

    1. Should clearly tell, whether its harmful either in storage, consumption or handling in a particular way. (Acid has to be mixed in water and not water to acid)

    2. Methods to keep away from children, if necessary. (Polythene bags)

    3. Colouring agents used are not harmful, why?

    4. Preservatives used are not harmful, how?

    5. Precautionery measures while using? (Gas leaks and method for the same)

    6. Maximum retail price, manufacturing and expirty date, brand loco - what the co., intends to do.

    7. Who are the auhtorised people to sell, depending on the products and to eliminate imitations.

    8. Customer needs for a particular shape, size.

    (one co., gave a very small soap box when it introduced the soap, so that no other brand can be kept later)

    9. Training of agents/reps. for demonstrations and to get feed back

    10. 'Customer is always right'.


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    Questions I teach to my clients in Japan :

    1) - have we been honest with those we're asking to sell the product - product limitations, potential life span, degradation/wear and tear, unexpected attributes, self-life...

    2) - will we let our families/loved ones use the product

    3) - are we lying about the cost of production? - we'll have the tax buddy to deal with when our suppliers declare that they're selling the widgets to us for x and not y pennies as we declared - it'll be an issue of undeclared profits

    4) - does the consumer really need to be buying it - the issue of conscience - a very significant matter when considering disgruntled employee risks etc...

    5) - bait 'n switch - promises we're making to designers, sales people etc... - that old human tendency to renege on pledges once the product scores a hit... - see what happens then #4 above - disgruntled...

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    when you are refering to ethical issues, I do think that when a product is launch a few main criteria should be considered.

    1. Safety of the prodcut (will it endanger anything?)

    2. Side Effects (After using your prodcut)

    3. Functionalibility (Will it work according to the ads?)

    4. Is it Legal (based on regulations/ law)

    Do keep in mind that food prodcut has more ethical issues as it will affect the health of the person consuming it.

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    Well, I am not really familiar with ethical issues concerning product launching. But I know that all business industries are guided with several laws concerning social responsibility. Ensure that your product meets proper standards like is it legal or has been approved by concerned authorities? Also, you have to make sure that your product is not harmful (very important!). I guess that would be the general conditions.


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    1. Does it taste good

    2. Will it cause cancer

    3. Is it addictive

    4. Was it tested on bunnies

    5. Is it destroying the earth to make it

    6. will it clean people's houses

    7. Will Oprah like it

    8. Does it encourage something bad

    9. Is it illiegal

    10. How many Kathie Lee factories will be needed to make it

    11. What would Jesus do

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    Does it work and will people buy it are the only things I can think of..What's ethical mean?

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    That's not too specific... any product? Uhm... don't hurt kids and animals. Don't tell people they'll die without your product... unless, in fact, they'll die without your product. If you make claims, back them up.

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    Is the product safe? Is it gonna kill people, or harm people?

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    depends on the product....can you be more specific?

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