Please help me to understand if he truely likes me!?

Ok, here is the shortened version of my situation. I'm head over hills for this guy that I kind of work with. Well, we have gone out on dates since last October (eventhough it can only be 1 day a week due to our work schedules). We also see each other when he makes his rounds. We do flirt a lot and he did say there is no other girl that he is seeing, yet he doesn't want to start a relationship. If he doesn't want a relationship, then why do we go out every week, and why did we take a mini vacation together? I don't know what to make of it all. Here is something else too. A couple days ago, I had to put up with a pervert so he came down with back up and back up had a back up. There are other things that have happened, and I feel like he does really like me, but I want to know why he hasn't delcared anything or am I just dreamin? Please help!


Ok, here is a new update to some of the responses.

We have only had sex twice since our first date (last October).

We went out again, and he couldn't stop staring at me. He also made me laugh a lot! He tried to throw things down my shirt (which I told him, that he has to get it out if he makes it) and in return I threw things at him. I also found out that one of the other security guards likes to really pick on him about us. So I'm not sure if that has something to do with it or not. And he also told me that I smelled really good!

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    He's totally into you...either that or he see's you as a sister-figure....but i'd omit the latter, it really sounds like he's into you. Wait a bit till he's ready for a relationship and then go for it!

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    He's a security guard, he might have called for backup to protect himself from a lawsuit. Or backup and backup and backup cuz he can't fight off an ant. Furthermore, is he a rent-a-cop? He may look all tough, but if he's makin' 6 bucks an hour then don't be fooled. He flunked out junior high school.

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    Yeah, he definitely likes you. It may just be he's not ready for a relationship because of, perhaps, an already tedious schedule. It's like my aunt and uncle -- they love each other, and they're partners, but they probably won't be married (my uncle is a police officer, and doesn't want my aunt to be even more hurt incase he's killed). There is a reason for not wanting a relationship, and it is probably a very acceptable one, but know this ... he undoubtedly likes you.

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    It depends on how the guy is. I mean what's his reputation.. If he really doesn't want a relationship in general that means he's not ready for committment and is most likely a player and just letting himself be open to other girls... But that's just my opinion

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    Honey he is into you.Becoz of your work schedules,maybe he is feeling that it will be a strain if he gets into any relationship.take a break dont have any communication with him which hints to relationship.get a makeover and after that he will be asking u whether he can have a relationship with you.

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    Well right now he thinks of you like a best freind thats why you been going out wit him a lot i think you should tell him how you feel about him

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    Hmmn.... I dunno whatta think of that. But if he went out with you and doesn't wanna starta relationship. He's probrably crushin' hard on ya! Tell ya why.


    A.He went out with ya

    + B.He doesn't wanna start a relationship

    C.He says there's no other girl he's seein'


    He's actin' weird girl and when guys act

    there's probrably somethin' goin' on.

    Just do nothin', mabye try the flirtin'

    again, but don't spill your secret. He

    has do speak first!

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    he likes u...why dont u talk to him about it?seems like he wants to start a relationship but he's not sure yet...maybe he's waiting for u to talk about it!

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    WELL sounds like he just wants sex.

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    he definitely loves you girl... maybe he thinks that you are his true love and he is taking it slowly cause maybe he has gotten his heart broken before.... good luck!!!!

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