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Weird. My new kitten (2 1/2 months) just loves to be in my room.?

I already asked this question, but I have to say that he just loves to be here. I dont know why. NOW he loves it even more, because he found some toys to play with, but whenever I get near him, ge freaks out and runs. Why is this?

Right now he is laying on my bed, Its so cute..He even meows so i see him and then he scratches the bed. ^_^


You know what? Screw that question.

She jumped on my bed, on the side that was father away from me.. then she slowly came closer (The computer is next to the bed) and just lay there. I started petting him. He was ready to jump, but he just stayed there. I just kept petting him.. And now he's asleep. Aww.. he looks so cute.

Update 2:

Ahem Its male.

Sorry about the "she's", I used to have a female cat.

Update 3:

Well, I DID clean up before i got the cat. He slept for a few hours under the sofa, then after 1-2 hours I finally managed to get him to like me. So I took him to the second story and showed him where his food was, and his litterbox. Then I went to my room and he followed me. He hates to be alone. He liked the place! So yeah..

Besides, It's a perisan, and I think I read somewhere that most persians are affectionate with only one person.. I'm his master, so that can be a reason.

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    Cats are creatures known for their certain actions. A cat chooses a place he loves to be in and stays in their as often as he can . A warm nice and cosy place fit to be at times to be called luxurious . That's why it's a symbol of high society also. Your room must be quite well kept it seems . The matter of being in some place is of choice and comfort for cats where they can be comfortable and also run to and from at time of need .

    It is just that your room looks perfect to it .

    Take it as a compliment.

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    well my cat follows me around the house (she is behind my computer right now) and if the cat follows you then wait for him to finish eating or going to the litterroom lol

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    it takes time for them to trust, they dont know they are ever going to leave their mothers. its scary for them, but they usually adjust fairly rapidly.

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