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Does heaven and hell exist ?if yes who will goto hell and who for heaven ?

This is a intelligent question , and intelligence and faith are the base for the answers.if heaven and hell exist, then good deeds will be rewarded and bad deeds will be punished, or else there is no means of doing good and holding hand from bad . then there will be no difference b/w truth and lie , no difeerence b/w marriage and pre marriage sex,no difference b/w respect and disrespect.and also there would have been no death , why death comes, yes there is heaven and hell and there is one god , and we all have to answer our deeds , so dont see this material world and enjoy but be prepered for after death, tell me iam right or wrong please and ur comments?

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    Well as long as you are saved, you will go to heaven. Personally I think if you really are a Christian in your heart, not just telling people you are, you won't want to do all those things, people make mistakes but that's the whole reason God sent us a Savior, to bear the burden of our sin. Going to heaven doesn't require a perfect life, just your willingness to ask Jesus into your heart and accept God's gift to us, his son. Irreguardless of what we've done before becoming saved. From the way I understand it, someone who accepts Christ on their deathbed after living a life for Satan, will go to heaven, but may not have all of the rewards in Heaven that a person who has lived their entire life for Him would.

    Source(s): Romans 10:9 If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the lord Jesus and belive in thine heart that God raised Him from the dead thou shalt be saved.
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    See , anything in this world has a life and become cycle, I do believe , each and every soul on this earth has to pay back for their deeds . In doing some mistake takes place ignorantly and some with intention . So for good deeds , one gets lots blessings and for bad we get curses and both will get us reward in term of hell or heaven .

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    Actually both are very real. Heaven is gods home right now. Hell is the common Grave of mankind. When God makes everything new ( Takes away the wicked things of the world) There will be no death. Its really very simple if you study . That was not to be sarcastic. It just all makes sense...

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    Goodness is found in the hearts of those who feel it. Religion really has nothing to do with it. To be factual, religion was created centuries ago, because men of wisdom knew that mankind is an unpredictable animal. An attempt was made to bring wisdom to mankind, to try to convince him to do good and live good lives. Since this did not work...another way was found to try to keep mankind on the straight and narrow. Religion preaches that good people will be saved and rewarded with goodness in heaven. For those who would do ill to others, terror and suffering awaits. This is a fear attempt to cause people to fear doing bad things. As you have guessed, this too does not work. The majority of crimes committed in this world are by those who are highly religious people. Christians (no matter how they define themselves) want to convert everyone to their faith. If everyone was converted to their faith... it would then not be enough. Then it would be a matter of 'you are not the right kind of Christian'. Do you see what I mean? The idea was to scare people into being good. But, it has turned into a battle over who knows their god and his ways the best. It really has nothing to do with the original scare tactic anymore. Now, it is 'my version of god is better than your version'. So, is there a heaven and a hell? Yes, we are living in it right now. Is there one when we die? So far, there is no proof at all to support the idea. Seeing as how heaven and hell are creations of the church... I would wager to say neither exists. Then again.. I am not a believer in a god of any kind. History points to the creation of the church as we know it...200 years after Jesus died. Many people literally fought over what should be put in the bible. Anything at all that suggested that Jesus was a man and not the son of a god was left out of the bible. The Christian faith is a fabrication by priests that wished to retain control over the people. If their religion is a fabrication... I would assume that their ideas about heaven and hell are fabrications as well. But, this is just my opinion. If you were an all power ful god, would you need petty humans to convince other petty humans of your existence? Wouldn't you just come down from your throne and give the human race a good spanking and say "my children, you have been bad...very bad... especially those of you who dare to assume you know my will". Silly isn't it? Would you let people kill other people over religious ideas that are not proven to exist at all? Honestly, if I were a god... I would not let blood be shed over petty ideas and misconceptions. I would set the world straight, just as any parent would their own children. Do you teach your children...or do you let children from another town teach them? Would the children from this other town dare to assume they know how you want to raise your child? Of course not. Religion is a fabrication. Heaven and hell is a fabrication. Am I rambling about this? Sorry! This subject really gets to me. Good people do good things. Bad people do bad things. Don't worry about it. If there is a heaven, if you are a good person, then what do you have to worry about? Do not lend an ear to those who claim to know a gods' will. The ten commandments are a good idea for people to live good lives. If it is not in the ten is simply more and more ideas created by bored priests who love to exercise extreme control over the people in their church.

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    Well, on top of the sky is a place where you go when you've done nothing wrong, and down in the ground is a place where you go when you've been a bad boy. In a place up above, you grow feather wings and you flap, flap around while they're all singing hymns, and down in the ground you grown horns and a tail and you a carry a fork and you moan and wail. Why can't we have eternal life, and never die, never die?

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    I think there is no hell or heaven. One can experience hell or heaven according to their deeds in this life only.

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    Yes, I believe they do. That answers the first part. For the second part, lets make a toss to decide. Heads, I go to heaven, tails you go to hell, ok? Lets flip the coin then?

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    I think that god forgives all and all will be accepted into heaven depending upon circumstances ex : How evil were they on earth? Did they have good intentions? Did they have a good heart? I feel that god will accept all into heaven if they ask for forgivness and really mean it, and accept him as their father and Jesus as their savior!

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    it depends if u have accepted christ as your saviour..if u have then u will go to heaven..if u have not the u will most likely go to hell..and like u said u will be rewarded for your good deeds and punished for your bad..andi fu ask u will be forgiven for the bad things u have done...but i think u are right

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    yes heaven and hell exist

    and hell isnt empty

    the devil used to be in heaven with god but then he was banned

    to a place called hell

    noone knows who going to hell or heaven

    but you do have decisons in life

    Source(s): me and the god with in me
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