What was your worst day at school? Explain.?


My 6th grade English teacher made everyone dance in front of the class. I had been sick and absent from school so I didn't know about the assignmnet. so, I ended up being grouped with 2 girls dancing to a Beach Boys song. I hadn't practiced their moves so I was not at all in sync with them. Then they started doing the hoolah dance! It was so embarrasing!

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    Picture this:

    Room full of about thirty 16 year olds all talking and doing nothing productive (as it was the last day of school in second to the last period) and I'm sitting there wearing my favorite pair of jeans, just talking along to my boyfriend and my brother.

    I moved the wrong way and my pants got caught on a piece of plastic jutting out from the chair. I didnt notice until I moved again and you hear


    My eyes widen and I can feel the cold part of the seat on my hiney and everyone is staring at me and my brother is cracking up and pointing and laughing like no other, my boyfriend is trying not to lagh and my teacher is laughing at me and I'm bright red and trying to cover the giant hole and I grab my sweatshirt and sit back down, im laughing so hard im crying as is my brother adn boyfriend adn then the bell rang.

    Halfway to my next class I trip and fall outside, the jacket wrapped around my waist falls off and into a puddle of water and my *** is directly in the air and everyone around me is laughing and once again I'm red as a tomato because by now I remember "oh god.. im wearing a thong..."

    Needless to say I didnt go to my next class and sprinted to the nearest restroom.

    It was horrible.

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    Okay, it went like this. I'm completely okay admitting now, that when I a lot younger, I may have had sort of, a hygiene problem. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of friends, but like a lot of young boys, I had a problem with taking baths. Anyhow, one day we went on a field-trip to a science museum. On the way there, I could sense that I wasn't exactly "fresh", and it was definately starting to bother me. Anyhow when we get to the museum, we had to get on this huge elevator that would take the entire class up to the main floor. While on the elevator, it was like I could sense that everyone else had to be thinking about the fact that I wasn't all that "fresh", and in my mind all I wanted to do was disappear, and go home or somewhere.

    Out of nowhere I get this crazy idea that if I kneel down, with my head between my knees, and scream really, really loud, I would accomplish my Houdini act. I certainly didn't disappear, but you should have saw the way that the elevator went silent, and all my peers, teachers, and chaperones stared at me when I looked up. It was awful. Everyone laughed for the rest of the day.

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    I'm a teacher and my worst day was one when a storm was moving in. School was actually dismissed at noon so the students could get home before the streets became impassable. However, the buses had trouble getting through and the bus-riders were at the school until 5:30. All the teachers had to stay with them. They were all very loud and rowdy. It was awful.

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    2 years ago when I was forced to change districts and move to this stupid town. Late in the semester. The teachers don't care but about teaching you. I could sleep in some classes. Worst of all lunch time. I was lonley :( I hated changeing districts and avoided everyone. I didn't talk much and chose the nearest empty table. Little did I know I would be sitting near Special-Ed for the rest of the year.... Besides the special Ed's, I sat near many losers.. loud, trashy people...

    There was this guy who.. liked to be "gay" towards me, asking me weird questions and saying I turned him on. It seriously annoyed me. (plus he was ugly lol) I was severely depressed and cried (yes, I couldn't stand this EVERYDAY) to my mom to move me back (which I did return last year)

    Also some stupid teacher was always absent and he didn't have an updated student list. So I could practically be absent, hiding in the restroom without anyone knowing.

    I also sat next to this girl, she was nice.. we talked, but It annoyed me when she and her friends tried to recruit me to their church and join their "youth group" Normally I'd like to tell those people to shut up, but I just said no thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I was twelve years old and my mom had no sense of fashion. She had the bright idea to by me these imitation sneakers of a famous athlete at the time. Needless to say, I was the center of attention and not in a good way. School was hell for the rest of the year, I was made fun of from then on!!

  • Pat C
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    I was in the second grade ( back in the 50's) and I asked the teacher to let me go to the bathroom. She said no,the class was going in 10 minutes.I WET MY PANTS! The class went to the bathroom,and she asked me why I didn't go. I explained what happened and she put towels on top of the radiator cover and made me sit there to dry out,NEVER FORGOT THE EMBARASSMENT1

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    I was 11 and in the 6th grade and had my first period and was wearing a white skirt. A boy in my class yelled at me that there was ketchup on my butt. i ran to the bathroom in complete embarrassment .

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Beating the hell out of a bully that picked on my friiend and getting suspended for 10 days and i didnt start the fight.

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    Any of the days I got a migraine. That really sucks! Under your details, write about your worst day.

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    I was really hungry and i started choking on this slice of pizza and the whole cafateria was like deathly silent excpet for me going *caakkk**akkk*...

    so that was pretty bad.

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