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what can you do if you feel pain on your ribs when pregnant at 38 weeks?

iam 38 weeks pregnant and my right side of my ribs still hurts and the baby has drop all ready and i thought it wasn't suppost to hurt no not sure b.c. this is my first ..

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    If it hurts alot you should probably call your doc. If it's just annoying, try doing some floor exercises to shift the position a little. Hands and knees tilting, rocking can help. If feels good to get in this position when you're big because it takes the pressure off your back and lets your belly hang. Good luck, you're almost there!

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    The same thing happen to me .. Don't get to worried about this. Our ribs are very delicate, and if your baby even , kicked, or pushed on them, he or she could have pulled a mussel in your ribs. For me, even though my daughter is 2, now, I still live with rib pain, so Savior, I can't wear a bra, or my whole right side will swell up. The best advice, I could give you, is to put an ice - pack on your ribs. This will help you out so much & you'll feel a little better. But don't exspect it to go away, even after the baby is here.

    Good Luck & Congradulation

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    I had the same thing when I was pregnant. It's just all the pressure your baby is putting on your ribs as he's growing so big. Unfortunately, there's no magic relief for this. :o( But just stay as comfortable as possible, and have your hubby or a friend do everything for you, even a few backrubs, and you'll feel better. :o) Good luck, and congratulations! Babies are so much fun!! :oD

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    You may hurt all the way to the end now. Everyday until you give birth the baby is getting bigger and bigger inside of you, But dont worry it is almost over for you and soon you will be holding you little bundle of joy and he or she wont be pushing against your ribs or anything else. good luck and congratulations.

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    It's probably the baby pushing against your ribs with his/her feet!

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    See OB-GYN and rest very easy, no physical exertion.

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