Do you agree with China beating to death 50,000 dogs?

SHANGHAI, China - China slaughtered 50,000 dogs in a government-ordered crackdown after three people died of rabies, sparking unusually pointed criticism in state media Tuesday and an outcry from animal rights activists.

Dogs being walked were seized from their owners and beaten to death on the spot, the Shanghai Daily newspaper reported. Led by the county police chief, killing teams entered villages at night creating noise to get dogs barking, then beat the animals to death, the reports said.


Is was a question Sunshine, if you don't like a question, don't respond to it.

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    No, not all dogs have rabies and there are such things as rabies shots.

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    HELL NO!!!!


    Dog cull in China to fight rabies

    By Quentin Sommerville

    BBC News, Shanghai

    A county in south-west China has ordered all 50,546 dogs to be killed to fight a rabies outbreak which has killed three people, state media says.

    It has taken five days, but authorities in Mouding County in south-west China say they have killed almost all of the 50,000 dogs in the area.

    Some of the dogs were clubbed to death in the street as their owners watched.

    Other dog owners took matters into their own hands, poisoning or electrocuting their pets.

    They were paid around $0.60 (£0.32) for each dog in compensation.

    China has a poor record of animal protection. There are no laws to prevent cruelty to pets.

    The local government ordered the cull following an outbreak of rabies.

    Three people in the county, including a four-year-old girl, have died from the disease. A further 360 were bitten by dogs, the authorities say.

    However, even the 4,000 dogs that had been immunised against rabies were put to death in case the immunisations were not effective.

    Roadside checkpoints were set up to ensure that no dogs escaped. Only police and military dogs have been spared.

    There are a growing number of animal rights activists in China and the country has laws protecting endangered species. But there are no regulations to protect other animals, including pets.

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    There is no cure for rabies soon as the symptoms set in. It really sounds cruel to kill these dogs because they are such lovable pets. The goal is to save more dogs and humans by lowering, if not eradicate, the risk of rabies. But the process on how they did it is just not acceptable. They should have done a less painful way of putting them to sleep - dog pounds do lethal injections - but it may cost more though.

    But then again, JUJU made a good point - we kill for food... maybe let's just start turning into vegetarians...

    Source(s): Juju should get the 10 points... hehehe
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    Do I agree? What are you trying to pull here?

    Why don't people stop using this site for soap-box style talking?

    Really, who would agree with China killing 50,000 animals? Who would be happy about that? You're just trying to bring things to people's attention. Do it somewhere else. This is a site for actual questions.

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    I don't know how true this information is - but I do not condone it. The Chinese do not have the same appreciation of human life that we do - can you expect them to feel more about dogs? If this is true, I could not support this type of activity.

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    OMG...NO! This proves that China's government is evil and proves that we must somehow put in place a new Chinese Government.

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    It's really just a show of force, it has nothing to do with the dogs.

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    the US slaughters thousands of cows for food. No difference.

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    Wow. But china can do what it wants is not a democracy.

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    The've gotta get food somehow!

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