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How to I explain events in Lebanon to my children?

When will my kids be emotionally mature enough to accept their impotence?

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    Why do they need to know? If they're not mature enough or smart enough to watch the news, and understand it, then they're not ready for you to tell them.

    Anyway, chances are, if they're teenagers, they've already heard about it online, from their friends, etc etc.

    So they either already know about it or are too young to know.

    If they are under 10, why should they know? It's not important for their young minds. Violence is bad.

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    It depends on the age of the child...preschoolers have no need to know and no concept of world affairs.

    Elementary school children may catch snippets of news stories and have a vague idea that a war is happening somewhere... my child knows that there have been many wars in the Middle East because of different religious beliefs and that many people in the world try to help the parties involved resolve their differences peacefully. She knows the USA came into being as a result of a war in which Americans stood up to the King of England over things they felt where unjust.

    Older children can begin to understand the concept of fighting wars like WWII in order to prevent dangerous rulers from harming innocent people. By jr. high, most can begin to understand that wars are not all black and white and the idea of solidiers giving their lives for what they believe is a just cause. They can grasp the idea that part of the Middle East conflict is over land and who controls sacred sites.

    High school children can read essays and books about the Middle East conflict past & present.... I don't know if any of us will ever be mature enough to fully grasp the politics of the region (and their importance or our impotence... as the case may be!). The greastest political minds of the 20th century have grappled with this conflict to no avail.

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    Is this a serious question? Because asking about your kids accepting their "impotence" sounds stupid. If you meant importance, then that's a different story.

    You're not even saying how old your kids are. So i'm guessing you don't really care about Lebanon.

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    Will Hezbollah ever supply up hiding in the back of the girls and young ones of the Lebanese inhabitants?All of their headquarters and weaponry are located in civilian properties and mosques! How do you fire at somebody who's using human beings as human shields without casualties? additionally, all I pay attention approximately it the Lebanese casualties? What on the subject of the Israelis? Are you racist? Do you not have a coronary heart? The Hezbollah started the warfare with Israel. Do you're taking their facet over Israel in simple terms because of the fact of a few civilian deaths? it quite is a warfare. human beings die on the two facets! No it quite is not a bloodbath. If the Hezbollah have been so frightened on the subject of the Lebanese human beings possibly they might have theory first in the previous firing. I now not sense sorry for many folk of the Lebanese human beings because of the fact eighty% now help the Hezbollah. I do in spite of the shown fact that sense sorry for the different 20% that have been given caught interior the middle.

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    Honesty... The world will be F****ed up whether you tell your kids about it or not, but I think It would be a better idea to prepere them for the worl they live in. If they hear it from you, it will be easier to accept. It they think the world is all great and grand, they won't know what to make of it when they discover the real world.

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    Impotence? Explain to them that the best way to have control of your government is to vote. Tell them that is what Israel is fighting for. Tell them it's worth it.

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    I really think kids do not need to be concerned with foreign affairs.

    They are young, and they really just need time to learn about the world that's directly around them. There's no sense in making foreign politics something they need to be aware of.

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    impotence? or importence? hahahahaha one letter cahnges alot! well my dad is from beirut adn basically he explained it like this. Israel does not negotiate with terrorists but hezbollah does NOT have a problem with america

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