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Can you fail Army basic training?

what are the possiblities of failing and why could the reasons be?

thank you

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    Hi it's me again, the Air Force veteran. Okay, I will give you some personal examples that I witnessed when I went through basic training. One girl, claimed that she saw demons when we were running in formation. Then, she started urinating on herself. I'm not sure if she really was "unstable," or just felt she made a mistake, and decided to purposefully act crazy in order to go home. However, she was still at what the military calls "medical hold" being evaluated after we all moved on an graduated. Another girl, passed through MEPS, and was later found to be pregnant after we completed our first week of training. I remember we were cleaning the bay and she had this look of sadness on her face. I kept saying "what's wrong?" And, she was like "oh it's nothing." Well, the next morning she was gone, while we were eating breakfast, they quietly got her out of there. Another girl, who was borderline overweight coming into basic could not meet the weight requirement to graduate. She was held back and I heard eventually she was sent packing. Also, people fail through physical fitness, but normally, those people will be "washed back" untill they can meet the run requirement. Many people fail the "pull ups." Pleeeeeaaaaaaasssse, be able to do your pull ups before you get there! That's about all I can think of. Stay focused, stay positive and you will be okay. Just remember when you get there, that people will be yelling in your face, and it's all a mind game to ensure that you are mentally tough to be in today's Army. They cannot put their hands on you, or hit you. You will be sleep deprived and physically fatigued. At night, use meditation techniques to help yourself fall asleep quickly. I often said to myself while inhaling "I am," and then I would say to myself "relaxed" while exhaling. This technique helped me fall asleep fast.

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    Army Fail

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    Yes, for lots of reasons.

    You could fail the physical fitness parts.

    You could fail the physicals (like they find a health problem that they missed at first).

    You could fail to meet the training requirements in some way - it's not all pushups and running ;-)

    You could be kicked out in bootcamp if they found you lied on your application in some way.

    You could be kicked out if you have a breakdown or something along those lines while in training.

    You could be kicked out if you fail your "whiz quiz" when you get there - either from drugs or being pg.

    These are just some of the reasons, but basically, yes, you can "fail" bootcamp and be kicked out.

    Source(s): I'm a vet and my husband is AD (though not Army).
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    Of course you can fail Army Basic Training. Most who do so fail because they are in terrible physicial condition and can't hack the physical training. A much smaller number fail due to being psychologically unable to handle the constant harrassment and pressure.

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    Most recruits fail basic training due to medical reasons..injuries or an unknown or undisclosed medical condition that didn't become known until boot camp started.

    The rest that fail do so due to performance related issues. They can be technical, physical, or even attitude.

    The latest stats show that 40% of people that enlist don't make it past 4 years and the majority of them don't make it past boot camp.

    "The training programs are scientifically and psychologically designed to tear apart the "civilian" and build from scratch a proud, physically fit, and dedicated member of the United States Armed Forces." ~

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    There is a strong possibility if you are not a disciplined person. When I went through basic, the Drill Sergeants would constantly yell and curse. It sure was tempting to fight back. Overall, just make sure that you are physically fit, you may also be disqualified for health reasons. Another thing is coming up positive for any types of illegal drugs. Just hang in there, if you really want to be a soldier, your motivation will carry you through the lonely nights, hard training, and awful food.

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    Yes you can fail basic.But it may take the Army time to realize it.As some of the answers you have received have stated,unless you have some (truly) physical or mental condition,you can be held back thru another rotation (recycled).

    I have heard rumors of recruits being held back up to two or three cycles. Whether that is true or not I dont know.But if you pass all your requirements (eventually), your in.

    In other words, getting out of basic will require effort.Or lack thereof.

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    If you fail its because you didnt prepare yourself mentally or physically. While going through training most people get discharged because the DI can see that they dont want to be there. If you are screwing up left and right but you are still showing that you want a military career the DI will work with you to get you through it.

    Just remember the militarys not for everyone

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    I don't know what it's like now, but when I went through basic, if somebody failed, they were recycled. That is, they had to go through basic training over again until they passed.

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    People who fail in basic training quit in their heads long before their bodies give out...

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