Can I use a d link router to connect to the main router in the house which is a linksys?

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    Yes you can. But it does require some setting up. Also, make sure both routers say router/switch. Mine for example says 4port router/switch. This is VERY important. But even if it doesnt, it may still work.

    You will have to UPLINK to the main router that is connected to your cable/dsl/dialup modem. The second router(dlink) must be configured to be in route mode otherwise the two routers will fight it out if you will to be the gateway. Basically, the main router, that is the one connected to the modem, is the gateway, while the second one will be a "router" and be in route mode rather than gateway mode. Turn off the modem and routers. Replace the dlink router in the same spot as the linksys one. You probably cant get online but open up a web browser such as internet exporer and and type in the ip number of the router. linksys is by default. you will need to get online and find the standard ip for the dlink from their site.

    You will thin be in the router. Find a tab that tells you the routers role ( it varies from brand to brand) and set it to route or router instead of gateway(there should be only two choices route, router, or gateway.) Then you will turn everything back off and put the linksys router back as before. Hopefully your dlink router has a port that says uplink on it. You will plug a straight through cable (basic ethernet cable at store) into any of the ports on the main router and the other end into the uplink part on the second router.

    And presto, you have uplinked your second router.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes its possible. You can easily cascade routers, that is connect the two with an ethernet cable. Most routers today (new model versions) have smart ports so you don't need to worry about not having an uplink port.

    If you're going to connect the Dlink to one of the ethernet ports on the Linksys, make sure both are on the same IP range (if Linksys is, then make sure your Dlink is, specially if you plan to share files and resources link printers, scanners and what-have-yous. Also the second router's DHCP capability should be turned off/disabled - you should only have one DHCP server to avoid IP conflicts.

    You can connect a cable from the main router's LAN port to the second router's WAN/Internet port as well - bu then the routers should not be in the same range. Main can be set to, the second can either be You would then have two networks - this isn't recommended if your just want to seup a simple network though.

    Remember though the two routers cannot communicate wirelessly.

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    you won't be able to connect 2 dsl machines to the same line. you want to get rid of the present dsl modem, and connect only the router to the line, then connect ALL machines to the router. a lengthy cable will artwork, yet in case you get a instantaneous router you should use cable to it at one aspect and instantaneous to the different.

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