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What do Jewish girls like/love in a Man?

Plz don't say what all women like. No offensive stuff like he's gotta be rich etc. I see a lot of Jewish people who adhere to strong values through there faith which I admire. Is it true that Jewish girls will only date there own race/religion? Can't be true.....

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    Yes, it is true. Most Jewish girls (even secular ones) are only willing to date guys that share their beliefs. And if (a big if) they do date a non-Jewish guy, he's almost always white.

    With all due respect, Jews are one of the most hardest cultures to become accepted into.

    So if you're a guy who's non-white and does not practice Judaism but interested in a Jewish girl, you're chances of forming a relationship with her are narrow.

    I'm not trying to be offensive, this is just a factual observation; I grew up in a heavily Jewish area.

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    For the last question, if they will only date in their ethncity, the answer is most likely yes. only rare circumstances will you see them breaking away from their ehtnicity. i think the same goes for muslim and indian people. its their culture.

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    I'm Indian dating a Jew.

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