How is it in France?

If you've ever been to France, please share your experiences, good and bad. I want to know everything I can about this wonderful country. I would love to visit it one day. Thanks!

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    It's like any other country. earth, rivers, trees, grass, flowers, cities, mountains, ... Everything you have in most countries.

    Come, I'll show you around.

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    I grew up in France, 90 miles north of Paris. All I could say is culture, culture, culture. From art galleries to sculpture, France is a country of sensual delights. That's why the country's cuisine is the best in the world, at least the most sophisticated. As far as French snobbery or arrogrance that's usually the complaints of some Americans who can't understand that they had to give this treasure laden cultural hub France back to the French after World War II.

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    Countrysides are various and there is a lot to visit in each town and villages. Almost like Germany, but it's France.

    So much tourists say that french are arrogant. I mean that's because they have just visited Paris and french people also mean that parisian are arrogant.

    But if you travel in other area than Paris, you will find others culture, others way of life . . . It's more valuable to leave Paris.

    Please never forget : Paris is not france.

    Source(s): A french guy
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    I thought it was wonderful. Whenever you go in a shop/cafe/anything of that sort, if you try and speak french they will talk to you in english. it is pretty funny. i just got back from there. i was all over. I personal favorite place is either nice or blois. nice is on the meditteranean sea and it is just a fun city. blois is a cute place. less lively but nice. i only went out at night there and if you are looking for a nice bar kind of setting, the velvet jazz club is absolutely wonderful! but all in all i enjoyed my stay there very much.

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    i'm living there and i can just say that it is very pleasant to live here !

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