IM problems....please help anyone...?

OK....I just recently got a laptop and installed the router (wireless network) and installed my yahoo messenger. But the problem is that every time I log in, I'm chatting for a minute or two and it automatically logs me off. They told me it could be a virus but my laptop is safe from all that, then someone told me it could that the router is unsecured.

Now, I've updated the antivirus and firewall AND secured the router and IM is still logging me on and off when I'm chatting.

Please can anyone tell whats happening and what I need to do to fix it.


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    1 decade ago
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    try to use it on someone else's wireless network.

    this sounds like a problem with your router or your network card. if it does not have the problem on someone else's network, it is probably your router. if it does the same thing on someone else's network, it is most likely your network card. if it does have the same problem on someone else's computer, try plugging directly into your network, bypass the wireless router, if it works fine, then it is almost for sure your network card. if it still doesnt work then it is your computer or the software. by this point, i think you will have it narrowed down, if not, email me.

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