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I have been diagnosed of having an irritable bladder?

Any one here knows about it or had it because i really appreciate your help?

what are the causes & treatment? what works best for you?

i am 26 male, check out my other Q if you like.

Thanks and i wish you all excellent health

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    The symptoms of Irritable bladder are basically the same as IC & Painful bladder syndrome. Yet again the main symptoms are Frequency, Urgency & Bladder Discomfort/Pain.

    Frequent emptying of the bladder can become a habit and this habit prevents the bladder from filling to its true capacity. It causes the bladder to become even more irritable and a vicious circle is established. You can retrain your bladder. Every time you get an urge to urinate, hold on by contracting your pelvic floor muscles. If "holding on" is difficult, try distracting your attention from your bladder by doing something. The feeling of urgency will subside as the bladder contraction dies away. Learn to hold your urine for longer periods. Start by choosing a time interval you are reasonably comfortable with.

    If your bladder is overactive resulting in you going to the toilet too frequently or having to rush there urgently you may benefit from taking a tablet two to three times a day. These tablets are called Oxybutynin or Probantheline and they work by blocking some of the bladder activity. They are usually effective but unfortunately have some side effects the most troublesome one being the dry mouth. This side effect can often be minimized by reducing the dose of the tablets, and failing this the side effects often improve over a week or two.

    Alternatively you can take the tablets on an occasional basis for instance before going out if you find the side effects troublesome. There are some medical conditions in which use of these drugs requires special care as well as some medications with which they may interact. It is important that you tell your doctor which medications you are already taking and whether you have a heart condition or glaucoma (an eye problem).

    Other methods of bladder training are;

    Vaginal cones are small weights you insert into your vagina; holding the cone inside your vagina helps you contract the right muscles and improve the way your pelvic floor works.

    Biofeedback is simple and painless, a special tampon shaped sensor is inserted into your vagina and will let you know how strongly you are able to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, it is a useful way of teaching you which muscles to contract.

    Electrical stimulation uses a small vaginal probe to pass tiny, painless electrical messages through the muscles of your pelvic floor, helping to increase their strength.

    Urinary incontinence can have a varying impact on peoples lives, in many cases it can be very distressing and embarrassing, often preventing one living a normal life. This embarrassment prevents many people seeking help, this is a pity as there are many things that can be done to help.

    However, some people are not unduly worried by their symptoms and if this is the case you don't need to feel that you will be forced in to having treatment that you do not want; there is no evidence that your condition will deteriorate if left untreated.

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    Careful...I also was diagnosed with this at about your age...found out 10 years later that I'm a type I diabetic. Get a second opinion. If your only symptom is frequent urination you might have a different problem. If there are any relatives, cousins, uncles, aunts etc. that have diabetes mention that to the doctor.

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    Have you tried drinking cranberry juice? It works wonders for the early stages of bladder infections. I don't know if that is anything like what you're experiencing, but cranberry juice is well known to aid in bladder health. They even offer cranberry tablets OTC now for those who don't like the taste of the juice. Ask your doc if it would benefit your condition. It does mine and many people I know.

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    yep i know about it. its diffrent for people. i am on an antispasmatic med that really helps. also I was told it is cause by stress and diet. i take dicyclomine only when i need it and it goes away in few min. also i started excersizing and havent had has many problems also cut down on greasy or high fat food that can also trigger it hope you feel better soon its a bummer to have

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    Hi... I am not sure what causes it but you could try to drink cranberry juice and lots of water. That should help you some. I hope you feel better...

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    Go to ( it has lots of good links and answers to inquiring questions such as yours.

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    sucks to be you.

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