how do i ask my girlfriend without upsetting her about wether shes lying about her baby being mine?

my girlfriend says she pregenet but i dont trust her because she still lives with her ex bf and she lives in another state and she always has an excuse why i cant come and see her or take her to her drs appts,none of my friends trust her and tell me that when her baby is born to have a DNA test just to be sure

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  • Anonymous
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    Unfortunately, woman are all moody and unstable when they are pregnant. If you think the baby might not be yours then definitely get a paternity test when the baby is born. My ex straight up asked me if I was sure it was his and it upset me but I but I didn't go off the hook about it because we had only known each other for a month and those trust issues were still there. Accidents happen. He does come to my appts with me though. If she doesn't want you there at the appts then you do have to respect that because until the baby is born you have no right to be around her if she doesn't want you to. Better to not get in trouble over it and wait til the baby is born.

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    for starters do some math. Find out how many weeks she is pregnant and try and remember if you had sex with her then. Since she lives in another state I doubt you go and visit her all that much so get your self a calendar. Since she doesnt want you to come and visit her I would think that she is trying to tell you something so I wouldnt worry about upsetting her. If she doesnt want you to visit her dont and when the baby is born and she tries to get child support, request a DNA test by the court. I would think if it really were yours she would want to spend as much time with you as possible and not want you to not come around.

  • mick
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    1 decade ago

    how do you ask your girlfriend with out upsetting her ??? you dont . bringing it up will upset her even if she knows she is deceiving you .

    i would always have a DNA test done to find out for sure . if she gets peed off just let her know that you want to know for sure just incase there is need for something medically in the future .

    do you know when she is due ? can you calculate back to if you slept with her at that time ? this may be why she dont want you to go with her . if she lives in another state and contact is minimal sexually then it is easier to say yes the dates match or no something is not right with the dates and the baby is not mine .

    her living with her ex is fishy in itself !

    i reallly wish the best for you . good luck !

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is not your girlfriend. This is someone elses girlfriend, who cheats on their boyfriend with YOU (you do see her dont you???). HE goes to the appts with her. Ditch her sleazy a$$ (even if you love her to death and cant get enough) cause she isnt ever gonna ditch him for you. Time to step up and get real. And a DNA test, if at all possible. I wouldnt be surprised if you dont see her much after the baby is born though.. Jerry springer show maybe?

  • Tell her she's acting like it's not, so she needs to prove to you that it is. Still living with her ex? Can't come see her? She's not acting as if this baby is yours, so tell her either get a DNA test, or you'll dump her sorry ***. Then, if she tries to get you for child support, you can request a DNA test!

  • SAM
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    1 decade ago

    Well... you are so nice that you dont want to upset her! What is she doing living with her ex boy friend anyway!

    I totally agree on doing the DNA test. It is possible that she takes one while she is pregnant!

    There is nothing wrong with asking her to take the test, because of how she is behaving and not wanting you to go to the doctors with her! Is she really pregnant anyway?

    I urge you ask her to take the test and go with her.

    On the other hand if the baby is yours, you are responsible to take care of it :)

    Good luck

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    Dude are you serious? If you cant ever go see her and shes living with her ex you are not using common sense. First I would drop her quick then if she turns out pregnant tell her you want DNA. no ifs ands or buts. If it does turn out to be yours then its your responsibility as much as hers. As far as the relationship goes its a joke. You will be much happier if your not always wondering why you cant see her and what the deal is with her ex. She got her cake and eating it to right now because you are allowing it

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    You seem to love your girlfriend and it's not a bad thing to accept the baby for now until it's born but sit your girlfriend down and tell her your concerns .but either way how can she say the baby is yours when she lives with another man?

  • She can't request child support with out having a DNA test.

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    Yeah its enevitable u will definately piss her off its just a matter of how agressive and how thorough u are in dealing with her. Also i really think u should leave her and get over her because the circumstances look really bad for u. Ask her and after u piss her off convince her that u have the right to know, and if she doesnt cooperate leave her sorry ***. straight up.

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