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I am 32M & want to know about the best diet for preventing Heart Disease. How much sex is good for Heart?

My family has a history of Heart disease and diabetise. I am not married and have no girl friend.

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    Your basic standard diet with REDUCED fats, & cholesterol, will be a fine diet for any one with out any know medical condition.

    Have as much sex as you want!!! Besides being the national pass time IT IS A FORM OF EXERCISE !!!

    OR should I say SEXERCISE

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    if your family has a history of heart dis and diabetes, then this could be a serious one. your should focus on low salt and low fat diet to maintain a low blood pressure. if u have diabetes, the high level of glucose on your blood will cause ur blood to become thick, thereby raising your blood pressure and at the same time it also can form plaques on your blood vessels.

    having sex will help a lot on preventing heart disease bro, but i advise that u should consult your doctor now before it's too late.

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    Oh for pete's sake, go to the doctor on this one! If your family has a history of HD and diabetes, then you NEED to see a doctor pronto and not waste your time here. As for sex, give me a break! Worry about your family history first and see a doctor! Geesh!!!!

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    dont smoke-thats a big factor right there-eat food high in fiber and get your cholesterol checked along w/ blood pressure-sometimes when you have a family hx it doesnt matter what you do-if all those tests come back high you may need a prescription to help lower your cholesterol and bp-talk to your dr

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    man...have as much sex as u can while ur alive....

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