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how we can control the altitude of satelites by adjusting its 3 axis ?i need a broad & thorough classificatin.

provide me some diagrams

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    You cannot adjust the altitude of a satellite by rotating it around its axis (rotating it would change its ATTITUDE). To change altitude means you have to change its energy, and that requires rocket propulsion.

    And no diagram will do.

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    There are many ways used to control the attitude of a spacecraft.

    1) Momentum wheels - These constantly spinning wheels will change the momentum of a stallite by changing their spinning rate. They work on the principle of gyroscopic motion. According to the change in sping the stallite will roll or pitch or yaw.

    2) Magnetorquers - These are electromagnets which magnetize in such a way so as to take advantage of the magnetic field of the earth. Then magnetic forces change the orientation of the satellite.

    3) Thrusters - Small usually solid fuel rockets can be used to change the orientation of the satellite. However they have the disadvantage of finite fuel.

    4) Spin stabilisation - A satellites orientation can also be controlled by spinning the satellite over one axis.

    The most popular attitude control actuator on satellites is the momentum wheels.

    Well if you really mean altitude then pitch/yaw and roll controls will have no effect. The only way to achieve higher altitude is increasing the satellites velocity ΔV. This is done by means of a main engine like a rocket engine or more recently an ion engine.

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    Attitude control trusters in x/y/z do not have enough energy to significantly alter the altitude of a satellite. They alter the attitude not the altitude

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    yea i'm guessing you mean atitude and you change that using boosters. you normally need at least 2 boosters for each direction and at least one set for left to right and one set for flipping forward to flipping back (i can't think of the correct terms for that)

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